Due to security, all most all the OEMs don’t allow downgrading from a higher Android version to the lower. What they call as Rollback protection is boon and bane to the users. However, Realme has been lately following a trend by the means it has been giving downgrade option for most of its devices upgraded to a major version.Realme 5 Downgrade

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As such the Realme 5 received the Android 10 not so long ago. While it’s indeed a good development but some of the users have expressed their disappointment due to some issues. Fortunately, the rollback package(Android 10 to Android 9) is available now! So, they have the choice to at least downgrade until the Android 10 gets further update for optimization and performance improvements.

Before Proceeding, please make sure to read the disclaimer below.


  1. After the rollback, data will be erased. Make sure to take a backup before you proceed.
  2. Rollback operation may have unforeseeable impacts on your phone.
  3. Rollback operation will modify some of the system functions, and prevent you from receiving the latest Realme UI updates via OTA.
  4. If you want to experience the realme UI version(Based on Android 10) after rollback, you have to manually download the full realme UI version package from the official website and update it. 


  • Realme 5 with 60%+ battery.
  • Realme UI rollback manual package.


Rollback package for Realme 5: Download Rollback Firmware

Rollback Steps

  1. Back up personal data in advance before the rollback.
  2. Double Check if your version meets the requirements version:
  3. Only versions after C.53 can be rolled back.
  4. Download the rollback package to the phone storage.
  5. Copy the package to the phone storage root directory in the File Manager,
  6. Click the rollback package.
  7. Select ‘Upgrade Now’ if you decide to rollback.Realme 5 Downgrade
  8. Wait for the process to finish. The device may reboot several times, it’s normal.

Hope you’ve been able to successfully downgrade. In case if you ever want to upgrade then you have to manually install the upgrade package since the OTA shouldn’t function after the rollback.

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