How To Download Original Images In Instagram

Today we are going to share an interesting and a genuine way to download original full size Instagram images, you can download any images belongs to any profile on Instagram, Any means any whether it’s high profile or low profile users.

The highly popular social media because of images have some vulnerability link that many are still unknown but some people may aware of this which we call them core users of the internet, hence you are here to know the trick and you can be also one of them, so better we don’t waste your valuable time and show you the trick.

How To Download Original Images In Instagram

The trick is very simple as much as your way to visit the Gadgetsay but this trick is only for computer users, you can use this trick right now if you are using your computer right now.

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So get a computer if you have one and then without even login just go to Instagram to any profile as and then you can see you will not be able to download any of the images. So follow the below step from now.

Step1: Once you are in any profile then right click on anywhere on that screen but within the web page.

Step2: Select Inspect from that Right click now as you can see below there will be a new window appear so click on that window and from keyboard press CTRL+F to find all jpg images.

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Step3: Now you will find many images as JPG on that inspect elements, so from there copy any jpg link.

Step4: After copying that JPG link just paste it on another tab and hit ENTER.

Step5: But you will still see some of those images as small size but you need to remove the internal URL see the below example:

The Original:

After URL Size Link Removed:

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I hope you understood, if you have any question related to the article or want to know more tricks then use the below comment section we will back you shortly after your comment.

You have the tutorials as How To Download Original Images In Instagram without much download application on your computer, just follow how we have mentioned the steps. Have A Nice Day.

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