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One of Samsung smartphones’ downsides is the lack of Google Discover, which is present in all Android phones except Samsung. The Korean giant used to provide their Bixby interface instead of Google Discover. Even Samsung had a dedicated key for the Bixby assistant, which can’t be remapped. Finally, Samsung has started providing Google Discover on the new flagship Galaxy S21 series. If you guys remember, Samsung began with the Flipboard service. Later they switched to Bixby and then to Samsung Daily and Samsung Free. Finally, they are switching to Google Discover with the OneUI 3.1.

The advantage of Google Discover is personalized news that suits our interests. To be honest, other services that Samsung used can’t match up with Google Discover.

discover feed

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Steps to switch from Samsung Free to the Google Discover feed on your Samsung device?

Ensure that your device is running on the latest firmware and are not using any third-party launchers. If you are using any third-party launchers, then you’ll not get access to Google Discover. Also, as we said, the feature is currently limited to the new flagship Galaxy S21 series. If you don’t know, it includes Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and the S21 Ultra. However, you can try with any Samsung device running on OneUi 3.1 or above.

  1. For this, unlock your smartphone and then press and hold on your empty portion of the device’s home screen. 
  2. After waiting for a few seconds, it’ll bring up the customization window.
  3. From here, swipe left and tap on the last card.
  4. Then, make sure that the switch at the top is turned On. 
  5. To confirm this, check if it’s blue or not.
  6. And finally, you will get two options from here, which are Google Discover and Samsung Free.
  7. Tap on Google Discover, and you are done with this.
  8. Now return to home and enjoy reading your articles on Google Discover.

The process to turn on Google Discover was buttery smooth, right? Yes, because Samsung had made their skin from heavy to light. OneUI is one of the lightest skin, and even OnePlus has even adapted a few features from them. With the new iteration, i.e., the OneUI 3.1, things have been much smoother.

The only drawback is the lack of Google Discover, which is limited to fewer devices like the Galaxy S21 series. We hope that soon they will adapt this to older flagship devices first, and finally to all other Samsung smartphones. If we are not wrong, the feature would be live for the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 series which are the previous flagship series. Because those devices have already received the OneUI 3.1 update. Interestingly, Samsung has already pushed the Android 11 update for the lower Galaxy M31. So, there is a chance by which the feature will roll out to all those devices quickly.

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