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Most of you guys may know about Discord, which is an American VOIP app. The primary purpose of the app was for gamers to chat with others. Initially, gamers were only using the app for creating communities around the world. Now, most of them use the app for building communities other than gaming. People can create public and private communities aka servers. You can chat with other people on each server. Today, we will look into how to “enable Push to Talk” on Discord.

Push to Talk

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Push to Talk is a feature that will help you guys to avoid the background noise. If one of the guys in the server, while using voice chat, uses an old headset or the laptop’s internal microphone, it would pick up a lot of background noise. The thing is that it will be disturbing for other players. Once you guys enable the “Push to Talk” feature, it’ll help you guys deal with the background noise. We are here with the detailed guide for allowing the Push to Talk quality in Discord. We will help you guys to enable and configure this feature.

Step 1: How to enable Push to Talk on Discord?

  • Open Discord and navigate to the “bottom left corner” of your screen.
  • After reaching there, you can see your username displayed. Next to that, you can find the “Settings” icon. Tap on that icon.
  • Once the “Settings” window opens, navigate and find the “Voice and Video” option and tap on it.
  • Another window will open now and tick in the box near the option “Push to Talk.”
  • There you go, you have successfully enabled the Push to Talk feature on Discord. We will now look into detail for configuring this feature.

Step 2: How to configure the “Push to Talk” feature in Discord?

In the earlier step, you guys learned to enable this new feature, reducing the background noise. Do note that just enabling the feature will not help you to reduce background noise. Follow the below-mentioned steps to configure the component.

  • Just like the first step in the above procedure, Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Once it opens, scroll until you find “Keybinds Section.”

Ps:- With the help of the “Keybinds Section,” you can create many shortcuts. I’m damn sure that it’ll help you guys while playing games. And for your kind information, only the desktop version has the “Keybinds Section.” For accessing the same on the web version, follow the below-mentioned step.

  1. As usual, go to “Settings” and then click on the “Voice and Video” option. Now select the option named “Edit Keybind” and choose the “add a shortcut” option. Now, let’s go back to the continuation of our old step.
  • Find the option named “add a keyboard” to the top right corner.
  • After this, select “Push to Talk” as the action and then tap on the “Record Keyblind” tab, and now press the desired key, which you will prefer. You guys can use the same key in the future for enabling the feature.

Further, if you guys want to set multiple keys for the “Push to Talk” feature, then head on to the “Keybinds” tab, which can be seen on the left side of the “Settings” menu. From here, open the drop-down menu, which is under “Action,” and then select “Push to Talk (Normal)” or the “Push to Talk (Priority).”

What will these two options does is that the second mode will lower the sound of other speakers if you are pressing the “Push to Talk” key? Please note that this won’t work unless the other server members have also enabled the same settings.

  • Finally, click on “Stop recording” and then save the things you have done now.

Then you have to select the “Settings” menu again and then click the same option, “Voice and Video.” Now you can see a slider near the “Push to Talk” option. This slider will adjust the time taken by Discord to cut down the voice signal soon after you have pressed the “Push to Talk Keybind shortcut ” you have assigned before. The lowest value available is 20ms. Ensure that you will set up a value higher than this to avoid any further problems in the future.

Before concluding, we can say that if you guys do online gaming using Discord, then there wouldn’t be any reason for which you would love not to hear the background noises from your friend’s headphones. As you know, “Push to Talk” is an important feature required if you are using internal microphones of your laptop or a cheap headphone that doesn’t have any noise cancellation tech. The thing is, it will take some time to adjust to this feature in Discord. Many gamers suggest that a key near (WASD) would be best for choosing as “Keybind.” It will not distract you from your gameplay.

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