Homeschooling had already existed decades ago, but the demand for it only blew up recently due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect everyone, governments worldwide imposed a series of lockdowns to prevent everyone from going out of their houses. As a result, businesses, companies, and schools have closed down.

Workers have started to work remotely from home, and children were offered to study online until it is safe to go out again. Many years ago, homeschooling required a personal interaction between the teacher and the student. However, today, thanks to technology, teachers can now facilitate an online lecture consisting of multiple students.

Homeschooling is a whole new experience for students and teachers. It is also hard to manage the kids remotely, especially the younger ones. However, with educational apps’ help, homeschooling has become a fun learning experience for the kids.

Here are some recommended homeschooling apps that you can use.

HomeSchooler Helper

Rated as one of the best apps for homeschoolers, the HomeSchooler Helper is a multi-purpose app that helps your kids stay on track and organize their daily homeschooling program.

The app has a full calendar so that you can track all of your kid’s subjects and their respective schedules. You can also input their curriculum, and the app will update this twice a year to show their commitment to their academics.

Another great feature of the app is that it includes your kid’s full report card. There are so many useful features this app can provide for your kid’s education. The app was made by a homeschooling dad for homeschoolers 18 and up. However, you can also use this to track your younger kids.

Khan Academy

Another homeschooling app that is highly recommended is the Khan Academy. It is a free website with an app version that you can download, allowing you to access thousands of educational videos covering all subjects your kids are taking, such as Math, Science, History, and many more.

Khan Academy is recommended for children ages 11-18 years old as this was the age group covered by the educational video collection in their apps. By using the app, your kid’s cognitive development will improve along with their critical thinking. Teachers in the classroom can also use the app to help with engagement.

The app can be downloaded for free via android devices, Ipad and Iphones. For this reason,  parents and teachers find this the most useful educational app, as it can help homeschoolers learn through videos for free.

Qustodio Parental Control

This might be every parent’s dream app. Qustodio enables you to control your children’s online activity by providing features like app blocking, web content filtering, activity log, and screen time management.

You can also limit your child’s screen time by setting a time limit, scheduling bedtime, and even school time. With this app, you can lock your child’s gadgets to make sure that they are already sleeping during bedtime and focus on their lessons during their class.

The price of the app depends on the number of devices you want to control. You can also control the devices linked to the app anywhere you are as long as you are connected to the internet.


Another app that will surely help your kid’s homeschooling experience is a digital library that they can access with their devices. Just like in school, homeschoolers should still have access to a library, and Epic delivers just that. It gives you and your kids access to various books, such as storybooks, history books, etc.

Epic also lets you track your kid’s progress as the app will let you see what books they are reading and what genre they are most interested in. You can also personalize your child’s reading experience based on their age and reading level.

However, students are not the only users who love the Epic digital library. Teachers have also used this app to help them with their lessons. They are also using the app for in-class integration, assignment tracking, and class rosters.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an app best for children ages 2-13 who are just starting to read or have low reading skills that need improvement. This app is a multi-award winner as it has become one of the most effective tools used to help children learn how to read.

Your kids will enjoy their reading practice through interactive reading games, fun reading activities, guided reading lessons, and over 2,000 storybooks that your kids will surely love. This app is chosen by 91% of home educators as they have noticed an undeniable improvement in their students’ reading skills.

You can download the Reading Eggs app on your Android and IOS devices. You can access a free trial of the app via the Reading Eggs website. From there, you will have to register an account that gives you full access to the app.

The app may seem to be confusing at first at it contains so much content, and knowing where to start will be difficult. Just navigate and study the app first. Familiarize every content before introducing it to your kids.

But is there an All-in-One App?

All the apps mentioned will surely help you and your kid during their homeschooling journey. But isn’t downloading all these apps quite a handful? It will eat a lot of storage on your child’s devices if you install the mentioned apps. However, you have another option. Why not create your all-in-one app?

Incorporate all the best features you want and need from all the apps recommended above and put them into one app. Louisville UX design company can help you put together all the features you think will help your kids in their homeschooling.

Focus on where your children are lagging. For example, you find that your kid has low reading skills or they have low math scores. You can make your app focus more on these areas so that your kid can practice their skills with the app that you made.


Since technology has become a staple of the younger generation’s daily lives, why not use it to help them with their homeschooling. Studying at home doesn’t have to be boring. You can incorporate fun into learning by using the tools and applications that your kids will surely love.

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