In 2021, there would be fewer people who don’t know about Google Meet. It is a video conference program which allows the users to hold online meeting and classes. Google Meet is a free conference program by Google, and you must need a Google account to enjoy the service. But standard Google account faces some limitations while G-Suite accounts get more features. Most users may need to get the grid view during a video conference. For this, natively, you can’t access the game. But with the help of the Google Chrome extension by Chris Gamble will help you solve to access Google Meet Grid View. There are also many other Google Chrome extensions that we will link in the article. The reason why we recommend his Extension is because he is the original author of that script.

Grid View

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What this extension does is that it will add a button to the top right bar, which is next to the chat & participant list, to enable grid-view in Google Meets. The Grid View will give an equal-sized video of every participant, and it can be used in meetings without a primary speaker video. By default, Google will allow only 16 participants for the Grid View. With the use of extensions, one can overcome this issue. Apart from this, it also includes many options to enhance your meeting, like you can have your video, highlight who is speaking, and hide participants who don’t turn on their video. The downside to this Extension is that it will load every participant’s video when grid view is enabled. The benefit is that if you have only a few participants, you can monitor everyone without any issues. It may create an issue if the number of participants is large and may create some problems. There are plenty of reports that the Extension is not working for some as a part of this issue. We have come up with a solution for the same.

Solution 1: Check if the Extension is installed correctly in your Google Chrome or another browser

We often receive input from users that the installation of extensions sometimes creates the problem. So, please do confirm that you have installed the Extension properly in your Google Chrome browser. Do note that you can install extensions found in Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge too.

  • For this, first Open your Google Chrome browser or another browser.
  • Then tap on the three-dot icon and then navigate to More tools. From here, you can find the Extensions page. (You can find the Extensions page within the three-dot icon in Microsoft Edge)
  • And in this Extensions page, check if the Google Meet Grid View extension is found there. Also, check if the same is turned on; if not, turn the same on. If you didn’t find the Extension, please install it and try it again.

Solution 2: Try updating the installed Extension on the Google Chrome browser

There are few reports on the web that if the developer pushes a new update for Extension and the user hadn’t updated the same, the old one will stop working. We don’t know the correct details, but yeah, maybe updating the Extension will help you fix the Google Meet Grid View not working issue. The easiest way to update the same is by removing the Extension and reinstalling the same. You can check the above solution for the steps to reinstall the Extension. There are also other ways by which you can do the same. For that, you can the below-mentioned steps.

  • For this, first, open Google Meet in your browser and start a meeting (Please note that this is for a test, so don’t invite anyone)
  • Once the same has been loaded, tap on the Grid you can see next to the chat icon found on the right top margin of the meeting screen. From here, tap on the Grid.
  • Now you can see a notice in the menu which is there. It will tell you that there is a new extension by Chris Gamble. Tap on the same notification
  • Then a new window will open to Chris Gamble’s new Grid view extension page.
  • You can scroll down until you find the part of the page that says “Official Release.” Select the link for the Google Chrome browser.
  • It will install the new Extension, and you can see a new icon in your menu bar.
  • Once it is done, navigate to the Google Chrome Extensions page and remove the old grid extension.
  • Finally, restart the Google Chrome browser, and everything will work correctly now!

Solution 3: Try creating a new profile in Google Chrome

Another way to solve the issue is by creating new profiles in the Google Chrome browser. You can check if it works or not.

Solution 4: Try using other extensions available in the Store

The final step is to try installing and using other extensions available in the Google Chrome Extension store. There are a lot of extensions currently available in the browser’s Store. We are linking few other alternatives here, and you can check the same by tapping on the link below.

So this was our article regarding fixing the Google Meet Grid issue. I hope we were able to fix the Grid not working problem for you. Please do share the article with your friends for a wider reach. Also, let your friends know about Google Meet Grid Extension if they don’t know about it.

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