Headphone jack not working

The audio jack is the connector between audio devices and your PC. However, this can sometimes stop working. Sometimes the audio jack stop’s working; you are not alone in dealing with this problem. But don’t worry, it is quite easy to fix headphone jack not working issue.

Headphone jack not working

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But before that, do check the easy fixes to restore your laptop’s sound capacities. So if your audio jack stops working, here is how you can fix it.

What to do if the audio jack stops working?

Update the Sound card Driver:

Mostly the sound problems occur due to the incompatibility between the OS and Sound Card. So, the first hack can be updating the sound card and other audio input drivers in Windows 10.

Ways to update the Sound Driver

  1. Press the Win Key + X Hotkey to open the Win + X menu and select open Device manager.
Headphone jack Not working
  1. Now in device manager, select Sound, Video, and game controllers.
  2. Now select update sound Driver Software by right-clicking on the sound card.
  3. Select Search automatically for an update of drivers software. If there will be any, Windows will automatically download them.
  4. If Windows could not find any driver, then you must check for the updates for the Sound card driver on the manufacturer’s website.
  5. Even if this does not help, then right-click on the Sound card in Device Manager and select uninstall and reinstall the Driver.
  6. Last restart the laptop, Windows will automatically reinstall the sound Driver.

If the problem remains the same, then let’s move to fix 2.

Check the volume:

Sometimes it happens that you are unable to hear volume from the headphone due to very low volume, or it is set to mute.

To check it, click on the sound menu at the lower right of the screen, then move the volume slider to increase volume. Test if you are able to hear any volume. If the issue still persists, move to Fix 3.

Make sure it is not a headphone problem:

A damaged earphone can also be a problem why you cannot hear the Sound from the laptop.

So, find out if it is your headphone problem by trying another earphone. If the new headphone is working, then you need to replace your old earphones with the new ones. If not, then let’s move to fix 4.

Set Headphones as default:

If you are using the Windows laptop, then your laptop will automatically detect the headphones and set them to default. But sometimes, we have to set them as default. So this might also cause the problem of not hearing the Sound.

Here is how to set them as default:

  1. On the lower-right of the screen, on the sound icon, right-click and choose a Sound option.
  2. After clicking on the playback tab, unplug and plug the headphones again and click OK after checking those headphones.
  3. Check if the problem is fixed; if not, then proceed to Fix 5.

Change the Audio format:

Sometimes the format of the audio you have selected did not match the default setting you have selected. This way, you might not hear the volume.

  1. Again this time, right-click on the Sound option on the lower right of the screen and select Sound.
  2. Select headphones> properties from playback.
  3. At last, click advance and select every option one by one to test the Sound from the format.
  1. If any of the formats works, then click Apply> OK. If not, then proceed to Fix 6.

Uninstall IDT audio device:

If you are the one who has installed the IDT Audio device.

  1. Press the Windows logo key and R at the same time on your keyboard.
  2. Copy and paste appwiz.cpl in the box and click OK.
  1. Uninstall the Audio device by right click on IDT.
  2. Check if the Audio jack is working on your laptop. If not, then move to Fix 7.

Clean the headphone jack:

We understand from the name that the jack might be clogged up with dirt or lint. This can also be a reason for the headphone jack not working. So, if this is the case, we have to clean the jack properly.

  1. Take a cotton swab and insert it in the headphone jack.
  2. After inserting the cotton, twist the swab around to clean the dirt. Make sure you do it very gently that it causes no damage to the jack.
  3. Test again if there is any possibility of the voice after this.

If all else fails, then most of the time, it is physical damage that causes the headphone jack not working. In this case, you will have to visit the computer repair shop.

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