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Battle Royale games are rave all these days. Due to the complete lockdown and people spending most of the time indoors, the games which have become literally obsolete include the like of Pokémon GO. Being indoor invites a fair amount of issues such as GPS error especially on games in which the GPS plays a crucial role.

pokemon go gps signal not found

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The Pokemon GO makes use of GPS and that’s what it makes the game unique by which the gamers move here and there in search of Poké avatars. Needless to say, you very well know the USP of the game. But in case if you’ve been having issues recently especially with GPS, then we’d be pleased to give you some solutions which might help you enjoy the game once again.

Fix GPS Not Found Error on Pokémon GO

It’s quite a common error in the game despite the GPS enabled. At least once you’d have encountered while on your spree to catch the Pokémon in the world around you. The issue has multiple reasons, with the most common and easy fix being just a reboot. Well, we’ll go through all the fixes that you can try. Let’s begin with the most trivial solutions.

Before trying out the given methods, it’s highly recommended to make sure that you update the game to the latest available version.

  1. Reboot the Device

For the faint of hearts, reboot or restarting is the best and the most sought out fix which in a majority of the cases can do the job. So, even if you’re getting the GPS error while playing the game, close the app and reboot the system.

2. Toggle On/Off Flight Mode

Just like Bluetooth, WiFi, and so on, the GPS is a wireless connectivity option on your device. The system drivers governing the GPS module can act up sometimes. Since the Flight Mode can control the functioning of these wireless, a simple toggle on/off can revive the wireless network cards on the device.

Try to switch the Flight Mode on and then to off. Enable GPS(Location) and try to play the Pokémon GO. The issue should’ve resolved by now.

3. Clear App Data/Cache

Go to Pokémon GO app settings and try clearing Data/Cache if none of the above methods yields result. Once done, log in again on the Pokémon Go game. Most plausibly it should fix the glitch.Clear App Data

Still no luck? Then it’s time to do some advanced troubleshooting.

4. Enable High Accuracy Location

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app Settings
  2. Tap Location.
  3. At the top, switch location on.
  4. Tap Mode > High accuracy.

When High Accuracy is enabled, the device will make use of GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth to provide the most accurate location tracking as much as possible. Here’s a short video on how to do it on stock Android.

In case if you have got a custom Android skin device such as OneUI, MIUI or EMUI, the settings might be slightly different though.

5. Network Reset

Another workaround is to reset the network. Though it should be situated somewhere in the Settings app of the Android devices, here we’ll give how to navigate to the reset network on a stock Android and Samsung OneUI.

If you’ve stock or nearly stock Android then head over to Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth > Reset Settings.Pokemon GO Reset Network Settings

In the case of Samsung OneUI 1.x/2.x, the network reset option is situated at Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings.

For other devices, you may search in the Settings app to jump right into the network reset option.

If nothing paves the way, as a last resort, get out of the closed room(be careful though, stay safe!) as the GPS signal might be having difficulty reaching indoor. Or else, do check whether the GPS is functional on other apps or just with the Pokemon GO. For instance, if you can’t make use of GPS in any of the apps such as even on GMaps, then presumably the hardware has got some issue. Approach a nearby service center to get it fixed.

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