Rog products are more or less like heaven to the gamers. Apart from gaming laptops, phones, and accessories, Rog has some exciting software that helps gamers. One of them is the Rog Gaming Center. The program will let its users tune the system. It will help you guys to create different profiles for you while gaming. Some of the app’s primary functions are overclocking CPU, increasing fan performance, releasing memory, and many other features. 

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The best thing is that you can install the same ROG Gaming Center on your Android phone, which will help you wirelessly control things. Like other apps, the gaming centre also runs into some issues. The main problems are outdated drivers, executable files blocked by Antivirus, and lack of permissions. You can read our solutions to fix the issue.

Troubleshooting Rog Gaming Center not opening error

Solution 1: Always open ROG Gaming Center as Administrator

Since apps like these modify the system, opening it as a regular application may cause some errors. To solve this, open the ROG Gaming Center always with administrator privileges. Follow the below-mentioned steps to open as an administrator every time.

  • For this, first, open the Start menu and then search for Rog Gaming Center. The other way is that you can open it from the Desktop by clicking on that icon.
  • Once you see the icon, please give it a right-click on that and then select the Properties option.
  • From the Properties window, tap on the Compatibility tab.
  • Then, tick the checkbox, which you can find near Run this Program as an administrator option.
  • Finally, click on Apply” and tap on the OK button. 
  • Now open the software and check if it is working or not.

Solution 2: Create a new Exception in the Antivirus which you are using

In some cases, the culprit will be your antivirus software because it might mark the ROG Gaming Center’s executable file as a malicious item and block it by mistake. To solve the error, stop your Antivirus from scanning these files. Be it Windows Defender or any other apps, and you can do the same thing in both of them.

  • For this, first press and hold the Windows + I keys to open the Settings. You can also open the same from the Start menu.
  • Once it opens, navigate it to the Update & Security menu by tapping on the button. Now, tap on Windows Security, which you can find from the menu seen on the left. 
  • Then tap on Virus & threat protection, which you can see in your Window.
  • Now a new window will appear in front of you, and then select the Manage settings option, which you can find under the Virus & threat protection settings section. 
  • From here, scroll down and locate the Exclusions section.
  • Now, click on the Add or remove exclusions option.
  • Tap on the Add an exclusion and then choose your respective Folder. 
  • Then, find the installation folder of the ROG Gaming Center and now select the same folder to add the program to the exclusion list. 
  • Restart your PC and then open the program as an administrator to check if it is working or not.

Solution 3: Always Update your Windows and Drivers

Most of the Windows and its drivers may have some bugs. To solve this, you should update both Windows and its drivers. Often there are some reports that some drivers get corrupted due to some reasons. If you don’t know how to update both the Windows and your drivers, follow the steps mentioned below.

To update Windows

  • Open the Start menu and search for Settings, and open it. You can also open Settings from the icon, which you can see on the Start menu’s left side.
  • After this, choose the option Update and Security and then click on Check for updates.
  • If you have got a strong internet connection, it’ll download the update and install the new update in your system.

To update drivers

Please do note that we need the latest drivers for the Keyboard, mouse, and display in our case. We will teach you the way to update each of them.

  • For this, first, tap on the Start button and then search for Device Manager. Once you find it, open the same.
  • Now, find the device driver which you guys want to update. We will help you in finding the same.
  1. For the driver of your Keyboard, it can be seen under the Keyboards section.
  2. If it is your Mouse, then find the Mice and other pointing devices option to update the same.
  3. Now, the final thing on our list is the Graphics card driver. You can find the same under the Display adapters section.
  • Once you found all those things, click on the respective driver and then tap on the Update Driver option.
  • Now a new pop-up window will appear in front of you guys. From here, tap on Search automatically to get the updated driver software on your device. It will show if there are any updates available. If it is available, then update the same.

Solution 4: Uninstall and then reinstall the ROG Gaming Center

If all the above methods aren’t working, then the final way is to uninstall the Rog Gaming Center. After you have uninstalled the same, then delete every file present on your PC that is related to the ROg Gaming Center. Now, install the software back and check if everything is working or not.

These are the only solutions that are available right now. We will update the article if there are more ways to fix the issue. Do share the article with your friends and family for better coverage. Also, a comment will be appreciated on which solution has solved the issue for you guys.

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