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Twitch is an American live streaming app which Amazon owns. Actually, Amazon’s subsidiary Twitch Interactive owns this app. It was founded back in 2009. The app mainly focuses on gamers and other persons who need to live stream and build communities. Popular live streams include esports competitions, music streams, and many other things. In addition to this, you can find a ton of gaming channels in Twitch. It is a massive competition for Youtube gaming because of the ton of features Twitch offers while streaming. Like any other app, millions of users use the app, which will sometimes be the reason for errors. One of them is the black screen issue that some users face. The problem is nothing but a black screen that appears with the logo of Twitch.

black screen

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Don’t worry; errors can occur to anyone. No matter the size and stability of the app or web client. You can fix the same with few solutions, and we will talk about the same in the latter part. Before heading to the solution, let us talk about the reason by which it occurs. Most of the time, Google Chrome users face the issue. However, there is no official explanation from the support team for a reason for the error. Experts say that there are many reasons like IP and DNS settings, hardware acceleration, server or router issues, or it could be of the browser which you use.

Ways to fix Twitch Black Screen Error

Solution 1: Clear the temporary files like cache and cookies of Google Chrome

As you know, sometimes files like cache and cookies create a lot of problems. Clearing those files will help you to fix the black screen error in Twitch. For this, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, open your Google Chrome browser from the Desktop or from the Start menu.
  • Tap on the three dots and now choose the More tools option.
  • From here, select the option Clear browsing history.
  • Now select the Advanced tab and then select All time from the drop-down menu, which you can see near the Time range.
  • Then tick on the checkboxes near the Browsing history, Download history, Cookies, and other site data, and Cached images & files.
  • Once you have finished that, tap on the Clear data button to confirm the changes.
  • If it has been done, restart the browser and check if the issue still exists or not.
  • Also, do note that you can use third-party applications like CCleaner to do the process. The benefit of using these apps is that they do some extra functions than just clearing the temporary files. Once you open the app and hit on the Analyze button, it will start functioning. The primary operations are deleting junk files, browsing history, and it will remove all corrupted files. It also runs a complete Health Check of your PC and updates the software installed in your system.

Solution 2: Use Google’s DNS server!

We hope you guys remember that Twitch’s black screen issue maybe because of the DNS settings. Some suggest that switching to Google’s DNS server will solve the error. For this, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open the Start menu and then start searching for Network Settings.
  • Once that opens, search for Network Status.
  • Then, select the option Change Adapter options.
  • Now, right-click on the network adapter and then choose the properties option.
  • Then click on Ethernet Properties, and find Internet Protocol Version 4 aKa TCP/ IPv4.
  • After this, click on Properties and click on IPv4 properties.
  • Now use the DNS server address as and the alternative address as
  • If you have finished setting up this, check if the black screen issue still exists or not in Twitch.

Solution 3: Change your IP address

We found that changing your PC’s IP address will help solve the black screen issue in Twitch. Follow the steps below to do the same.

  • Select CTRL+R on your keyboard or search for Run from the Start menu.
  • Now Type cmd, and it will then open the Command Prompt window.
  • After this, type ipconfig /release in the command prompt.
  • Then enter the following command ipconfig /renew, it will assign a new IP address for your PC.
  • Open Twitch to see if the issue still exists or not.

Solution 4: Open Twitch in incognito mode

Some users reported that opening Twitch in incognito mode has helped them to fix the black screen error. You can try if it works for you or not. We hope that including steps for opening a tab in incognito mode is more or less similar to an insult to you guys. If you don’t know the shortcut keys for enabling, press and hold Ctrl + Shift + N to open the same.

Solution 5: Remove all plugins and extensions installed in your browser

Some plugins may create difficulties while using Twitch in Google Chrome. It may be a reason for the black screen error which you experience. You can understand which plugin is the culprit. For this, disable all extensions and then enable one by one to understand which extension is the reason for the cause of the problem. Then remove that specific plugin that creates the problem in Twitch. You are all set to go to enjoy your live stream.

Solution 6: Turn off hardware acceleration

We have mentioned in several articles about hardware acceleration. Sometimes it creates a problem, while in some cases it will be handy. If you don’t know what hardware acceleration is, it makes the best use of the processor. Due to this, sometimes hardware overheats, and it creates a ton of problems. Users reported that the black screen issue is one of the aftereffects of hardware acceleration. So, it’s better to turn off hardware acceleration. We hope you guys remember this solution for fixing the black screen issue in Discord. If you don’t know how to do this, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • For this, first, open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Now tap on the three dots menu which you can find to the top-right.
  • Tap on the Advanced tab and then select System.
  • From here, turn off the Use hardware acceleration when available feature.
  • Finally, relaunch your browser to check if the issue in Twitch still exists or not.

Solution 7: Allow JavaScript and Flash Player in your browser.

Some reports suggest that most of them disable JavaScript and Flash Player and it is the reason for the black screen in Twitch. If you don’t know, websites like Twitch require JavaScript and Flash Player to run correctly. You can enable the same by following the steps below.

  • For this, first, open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Now tap on the three dots menu.
  • Choose the Settings menu from here.
  • Scroll until you find Privacy and Security and then choose the Site Settings option.
  • Then, find the Content option.
  • From here, change JavaScript to Allowed, and Flash to Ask First.
  • Relaunch Chrome to check if the issue still exists or not.

Solution 8: Enable Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a deprecated predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer, which are cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a computer network. It is also used in HTTPS as a security measure. Few users have reported that enabling Transport Layer Security (TLS) has solved Twitch’s black screen error. If you don’t know how to allow this process, you can follow our guide.

  • Open the Start menu and then search for Run. Or you can open it by pressing Windows Key + R. Then enter Control Panel in the dialogue box, and it will open the same.
  • You can also open the Control Panel by clicking on the Desktop icon or searching from the Start menu.
  • From here, choose the Network and Internet menu.
  • Once it opens, click on the Internet options.
  • Now, switch to the Advanced tab.
  • There will be a lot of checkboxes in front of you, and click on all TLS.
  • Then, click on Apply and then exit from that window.
  • Now, restart your PC and open Google Chrome to check if the issue still exists or not.

Solution 9: Use Desktop Client to fix the Black Screen in Twitch

Sometimes, browsers may ruin things, and it will be the reason for the black screen issue. As most of you know, desktop clients are available for most of the apps out there. If you are using that instead of their web client, it can save you from many errors. You can download the Desktop client from here.

Solution 10: Deactivate or uninstall all antivirus installed on your system

Some antivirus software has a site protection feature, resulting in Twitch’s black screen if you are using the web client. So disabling the same will fix the black screen issue. It is better to uninstall the antivirus for avoiding problems in the future. Most of the third-party antivirus software creates unnecessary difficulties for the system.

These are the ten different solutions that we could provide to you guys. We hope that the black screen issue in Twitch will be fixed by using any of the above resolutions. On a lighter note, do update your Windows and desktop client to avoid problems in the future. Also, update your browser if you are using the web client. The reason why we are suggesting updating the software is that all bugs will be fixed in the update and new additions will also be made. Share the article with your friends, so it will help us and those who are facing this issue. Do comment if you have any queries on the same. 

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