Ever wondered if you can hack your friend’s or anyone’s browser? you might be thinking that is not possible right? let me help you with that, now you can hack anyone’s browser, with this simple trick, I am going to show you today, and the best part of it is you can do this remotely (without having access to your victim’s computer).

This method can be used for spying purpose too, for people who need access for some serious reasons. This can also be used for pranking your friends – sounds fun, right? let’s hop into it. The trick is very simple the only first priority you need in this is that you friend should also have installed shove extension on his chrome browser.

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NOTE: This trick works on the victims computer only if the same extension shove is installed in his chrome browser too.

How To Hack Anyone’s Web Browser Using Shove Chrome Extension.

This method works with chrome, since everyone uses chrome browser this trick is valid for most of the users. You need to search a chrome extension from google chrome extensions market,which will connect you to your friend’s browser,just by doing this simple steps below.

Step 1. Download and install this Extension Shove your chrome browser.

Step 2. Click on shove extension after installation on the top right corner of your browser (beside address bar) and you have to create an account to use the extension and for that click on Shove Extension and create an account.

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Step 3. After Registration Add Friend option will appear where you have to enter the victims username, which you want to hack, and then your friend list will be created.

Note: You have to add the username of your friend browser, even the Shove extension must be installed on your friend computer.

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Step 4. Now select the victim’s browser username you have added already, now click on it to enter into his account.

Step 5. After clicking on victims id, you will get a message says shoving to the victim.

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Step 6. And then the red dot will appear’s on the victims id which means you’re in his browser, just click on it and you’re good to go. Enter any website URL on your browser and it will open in victims browser.

This is not only for hacking but also you can use it for personal communication purpose, you can send urls to your friend using this extension, the exchange of URLs can be made for fun and for working purpose.

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Today you learned in a very easy way that how you can Hack or Hijack your friends Chrome browser you can get more stuffs frmo this website the point is you have to browse the site as much as possible you will get more interesting and usefull content so that you can spare your time wihin the site and get more knowledgeable information.

So you have learned that how we can hack or in other terms we can hack anyone’s web browser, it is better to use this for educational purpose. If you have any question you can ask us using the bellow comment box.