How To Hack Into Any Windows Computer In 2016How To Hack Into Any Windows Computer In 2016

Hacking someone’s computer is really a curious thing for most of the common people. But it seems really hard for a common man to do hacking. Nowadays technology has developed on a tremendous level. And most priority is given to data security. But still tech geeks finds loops in codes to hack into servers , computers , websites  and anywhere. because they are hackers.

Hacking is a skill that needs lots of knowledge in coding , data security, and many more fields. Here now we are going to discuss how to hack into any windows computer. As one of the popular Operating System Windows, we all know that every tech has a loophole or a vulnerability, so today we are sharing one of the vulnerability in front of you.

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How To Hack Into Any Windows Computer In 2016

There are some prerequisites you need before going to hack a windows computer. They are,

  • IP address of victims computer
  • Radmin viewer 3.3 or later  (click here to download : Radmin viewer 3.5)
  • An open port scanner ( click here to get an open port scanner: (Open Port Scanner)

#Step1: You have the IP address of the victim’s computer with you. Just scan the victims computer IP address using port scanner.

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#Step2: Find out what open port does it has.

#Step3: Now open Radmin viewer and then enter the IP address and then open port you found using scanner.

#Step4: After entering the details do a right click and open the port now from here you can take either full control or view the victims screen only.

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Here it goes. Yes, now you have hacked the windows computer. This is the tutorial on How To Hack Into Any Windows Computer In 2016, from this tutorial you can hack into any Windows Computer with using the simple steps. If you have any doubt using the above steps then feel free to using the comment box!

NB: This is only for educational purpose. Don’t use it for any illegal activities.

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  1. you have to installe Radmin server in victime computer and Radmin viewer in your computer for work i you don’t its not working

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