Your phone takes another nasty tumble. And this time, it doesn’t survive the fall. What if you can’t afford to upgrade today?

Take a deep breath. There are some things you can try first. And if that doesn’t work, this guide is here to help you manage its replacement.

Alternatives to Buying a New Phone

Don’t give up on your cell just because its screen is shattered. You might be able to keep using it for longer depending on the nature of the crack.

Use Packing Tape

Some transparent packing tape may hold your screen together until you save up enough for a replacement. Not only does it hold your screen together, but it also protects your fingers from the sharp edges of these cracks.

Repair Your Screen

If you’re dealing with a spiderweb of cracks, no amount of tape will help. But before you opt for a replacement, reach out to your cell phone provider and several local tech shops. They’ll be able to quote you the cost of a screen replacement.

What if a Repair isn’t Possible?

Sometimes, there’s no fixing a shattered screen. Other times, the cost of repairs rivals a new a mobile. So, what are your options?

Talk to Your Cell Phone Provider

If you have a long history with your cell phone provider, try calling them and leveraging your loyalty to get a discount on your phone. There’s a good chance you’ll still have to pay off what you owe on the broken phone, but they can subsidize the cost of the new one.

Use an Older Model

If your provider isn’t willing to play ball, you’ll be stuck paying the old phone’s financing. To save on another financing charge on top of the old one, you could sign up for one of the free models they offer. Unfortunately, this might land you with an older model or even a flip phone.

It’s not ideal in today’s app-based world, but it can serve as a decent replacement. You can use it for texts and calls until you save up for a better replacement.

Borrow a Fast Cash Loan

What happens if you use your smartphone for work, and you need it to write emails, manage social media accounts, and watch videos? A flip phone won’t do, which means you’re stuck buying a new phone.

If you can’t handle this big expense out of pocket, an installment loan can act as a backup. You can compare fast loans online from your laptop, checking which installment loan offers the best rates.

Fast installment loans advance you the cash you need all at once, but you won’t have to repay it in one lump sum. Instead, this option will break up the cost of the loan over multiple payments, which can give your budget some breathing room.

Choose a Certified Pre-Owned Refurbished Mobile

If you’re using an installment loan, you can limit how much you borrow by picking a certified pre-owned phone. Your cell phone provider offers these phones at a discount because they’ve been unboxed. But don’t worry — they still work like new.

Don’t Let Your Next Phone Crack

Now that you have a fixed or new phone in your hands, invest in a proper case and screen protector. With the right protective tools, you can prevent another shattered screen.

Terry Ts

By Terry Ts

Focusing China's mobile phone and electric vehicle market, senior automotive media reporter.