This is a very important tutorial because in this tutorial we are going to show you that How to increase Download Speed on your Android device. The Tutorial is very easy anyone who has a basic Android knowledge can do this trick easily. During the time of tutorial if you find any query then please feel free to ask us by simply commenting in the comment box and we will get to you asap.

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This trick May or May Not on Some Devices, We have personally tested this on our device and it works Fine for us.

Things you Need:-
1. Internet Speed Master Apk(Download)
2. Speed Test Apk(Download)

Step 1: Download, Install Internet Speed Master Apk, and Speed Test Apk.

Step 2: Open Speed Test, After Opening Speed Test tap on Begin test and write down the result Somewhere.


Step 3: Open Internet Speed Master Apk. For Rooted Users Choose “Apply Patch” and for Non-Rooted Users choose “Improve Internet Connection”.

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Step 4: Open Speed Test once Again and Test the internet Speed, After testing you will notice that your Speed has increased.

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