install oneplus 7t custom roms

OnePlus 7T was launched in September 2019, and even though the OnePlus 8 series stole the show. OnePlus is still rolling out new features for the older model. The OnePlus 7T came with a powerful triple camera system not found on many competing models of similar price. The camera isn’t the best we’ve seen, but it’s still capable of some excellent shots with a few tweaks. However, video recording needs to be improved. In this post, we’ll explore how to install custom ROM on OnePlus 7T.

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OnePlus 7T is on its 3rd version of the Oxygen OS Beta, and two features missing in the changelog are all video related. One is the wide-angle camera’s 4K recording. To date, it’s only been possible to record videos via ultra-wide-angle at 1080pixels, 60fps. Currently, Oxygen OS Beta is testing 4K recording for the camera. Most of the video features are already baked in some of the custom firmware on our list. Continue reading to learn how to install custom ROM on OnePlus 7T.

So if you own an OnePlus 7T and are concerned about delays with receiving OTA updates from OnePlus, any of the custom ROMs below might be what you need. Check them out and if you find one that appeals to you, then go ahead and install it using the steps outlined. 

Disclaimer: Flashing ROM has risks. If not done carefully you could brick your device. will not be responsible for damaged devices so proceed carefully.


Steps to install custom ROM on OnePlus 7T

Read and execute the following steps carefully to install custom ROM on your OnePlus 7T. The steps vary between devices, for example, some devices might require Gapps flashing first then booting into OS which is often necessary anyway. Some custom ROMs require the use of a specific version of GApps. It’s absolutely important that you read and understand all instructions on how to install custom ROMs on OnePlus 7T.

Now with custom ROM image downloaded, let’s look at how to install custom ROM on OnePlus 7T.

  1. Reboot your OnePlus 7T into recovery mode.
  2. Swipe to the back-up device with pre-selected options. This is an optional step but highly recommended.
  3. Select >> Wipe >> Data >> System Cache >> Dalvik Cache. NB: Do not choose internal storage as that may cause issues later.
  4. Next, proceed to install and pick the custom ROM from internal storage, then swipe to flash. You might want to confirm if your ROM package requires any dependencies from the developer’s page.
  5. Choose the Gapps files you downloaded and swipe to flash.
  6. Choose Reboot, then system. Freshly installed custom ROM installation takes time to boot so be patient.
  7. If all goes according to plan, the device will boot into the newly installed custom ROM.

And there you have it. Always recommended that you get custom ROMs from trusted sources such as XDA. Like everything else in life, there’s no single custom ROM for everyone, you need to experiment, and inquire before choosing.

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