When you are an iPhone user for so long, there comes a time when you are tired of the default ringtones of the device and want to set your own custom ringtone of your favorite Song. Generally, the obvious choice to set a custom ringtone is iTunes, but it has limited options available for the users, and sometimes the app can be slow.

Now, you must be wondering, is there any other way besides iTunes that can help you make ringtones for iPhone with your own music. Fortunately for you, we have found just the app for you, it is called iRingg: it’s the best iPhone ringtone creator out there.

So, without further wasting your time, let us get on with our guide on how to make Ringtones for iPhone with your own Music with the help of the best iPhone ringtone creator, iRingg.

How to make ringtones with iRingg

  • Step 1

To begin with the procedure, the first thing you need to do is download iRingg from their website and then follow the installation wizard to install it on your computer.

  • Step 2

After you have installed the software, launch it and search for your desired music from the “Search Music” tab of the iRingg application.

  • Step 3

Once you have found your desired song, it is time that you trim 30 seconds from the track as this is the standard time for ringtones in iPhone. After trimming the piece, go to the Personalize & Edit tab and make further changes in the track the way you like.

  • Step 4

After you are done with adding effects and making changes, you need to connect your iPhone device with your computer. For that, you would need a standard USB cable for the first time, but after that, you can connect with the Wi-fi option.

Just remember that when you are establishing a connection between your iPhone and Computer, ensure both of the devices are on the same network.

  • Step 5

Now, you need to tap on the Export button and choose your iPhone device in order to transfer that track to your phone. When you are done moving the track, you need to go to the settings of your iPhone > Sounds > Ringtones and select the track that you just created as your new ringtone.

This is how long it takes to make an iPhone ringtone with your own music with the help of the best iPhone ringtone creator, iRIngg. Here are some of the features that you should know about the iRingg application to use it better:

Features of iRingg

  • Ringtones from YouTube and SoundCloud

The iRingg app allows you to download songs from Youtube and Soundcloud; you can download any type of song, and make personal changes to it according to your choice.

  • SndMoji 

SndMoji is probably the mangling of Sound Emoji; these are the sound effects that you can edit in your ringtone to make them more interesting and annoying for the people to hear. To better understand these SndMoji sounds, the list includes Kiss, Boom, Vomit, Crazy, and UFO. If you want, the application also gives you the opportunity to record your own voice and place it in your ringtone.

  • 6-Sense technology

One of the best things I like about this iPhone Ringtone creator is that it taps into your iTunes library stats and analyzes all the elements, then predicts the track you may like based on your search history.

  • No need for iTunes to sync the ringtone

Most of the iPhone Ringtone creators need iTunes to sync the ringtone, but with iRingg, you can export your Ringtone directly from the application and then find it in the Ringtone tabs in the settings.

Other Alternatives

Although IRingg is the best iPhone Ringtone creator, here are some other alternatives that can also help you make your own custom ringtone of your favorite music with ease.

  • WALTR 2

WALTR 2 is a third-party app that allows its users to make their own custom ringtone with just a few clicks. All the users have to do is download their desired song in mp3 format and drop it into the WALTR 2 app interface, then the application does the rest of the job for them. 

With WALTR 2, you do not need to worry about the compatibility of the format because the application already changes the format to an apple compatible format during the transfer. Besides making ringtones for iPhone, the WALTR 2 application is best for transferring all types of data such as pictures, videos, documents, audios, and more to apple devices.

  • SYC 2

Softorino Youtube Converter 2 (SYC 2) helps users convert different songs and audios into iPhone ringtones. The application allows the users to download their desired tracks from 66 various sources and then let them convert those tracks into ringtone format with just a few simple steps. 

All users have to do is install the SYC 2 on their computer, look for the song from the in-app browser of the application, set the output format to ringtone, and then transfer that ringtone in their iPhone.

Besides the ringtone format, SYC supports other audio and video formats such as 4K, 1080p, Mp3, Mp4, etc. Moreover, if you want to download the whole Youtube playlist of more than 100 videos, you can download it with SYC 2 in just a single click.

Final Verdict

We are hopeful that by now, you must have gotten an idea of how easy and fast it is to create iPhone ringtones of your desired songs with the help of the best iPhone ringtone creator, iRIngg. 

We also provided you with the alternatives in case you do not want to use the iRingg. But if you want our recommendation, then we would advise you to install all of these softwares on your computer, avail their free one day trails, and look for yourself which is the best iPhone ringtone creator among these apps.

Terry Ts

By Terry Ts

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