We all use Pendrives and sd cards daily but most of the times we have to get rid of all the data available in our drive due to the virus. This can severe damage if someone is storing business files and also for people who store their personal data on their pen drives. The same case is with the sd cards we all use it to store the collection of favorite songs, photos and much more. But when your drive is corrupted or attacked by virus then you have to just format it and you got no other choice.

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Some people prefer scanning of the drive by anti-virus, but it doesn’t work always and even if it helps, the drive may loose some files and there is a high chance of getting corrupted. So in this tutorial, i am going to share a simple trick that will help you in removing of shortcut files in your pen drive or sd card.

Follow the steps below carefully:

Step 1. open the command prompt in Administrator mode. You can do that either by right click on command prompt as Run as Administrator.

Step 2. connect your affected pen drive to the computer, after opening the command prompt. Now all you need to do is enter the command to convert your shortcut files into its original data.

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Step 3. Enter the command – attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.* Now in this command, the letter “D” is your pen drive name. And if your drive letter is H then command will be attrib -h -r -s /s /d H:\*.*


Step 4. Once you enter and run the command. All your shortcut files from the drive will be converted to normal files. You can delete all the unknown files from your drive when the command process is complete.

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This is the easy and best way to remove shortcut virus files from your pen drive or sd card.

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