How To Save Internet Data On Any Android DeviceHow To Save Internet Data On Any Android Device

We all use Internet in smartphones, computers, and laptops but every internet user comes to a point where he/she realize that most of the internet is being used by unnecessary apps and this problem happens mostly on Android devices.

We don’t know which application is using internet service in the background, whenever you are installing any application you will see a pop-up with a title “App permissions” where you can see which services are required by the app in order to run. Most of the applications require internet services to run and hence most of the internet data will be consumed by those apps even if you are not using them.

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In order to stop these applications you can either uninstall them or close your internet connection, but that is not a good idea so in this tutorial I ma going to share a trick to save your internet connection data and speed. There are few methods available but in this tutorial, i am sharing a simple method. I have personally tried this method and it worked for me.

In this process, you can restrict your internet data to the apps that are running in the background. The main purpose is to stop background applications from consuming the data.

How To Save Internet Data On Any Android Device

Follow the steps below carefully:

Step 1. You need to scroll down your notification panel from the top of the screen.

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Step 2. Now you need to select the sim name in which internet connection is active.

Step 3. Now you need to go to settings then click on more option, now you will see an option as data usage click on it.

Step 4. Click on 3 dots option on top right of your screen and now select “Restrict Background Data” option, click on ok.


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Now you will see a pop-up or a tab as “Background Data restricted” whenever you scroll down your screen. that’s it you’re good to go. Now your background applications will not be able to use your internet data

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