How To Set Up Dual Monitors In Windows ComputerHow To Set Up Dual Monitors In Windows Computer

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We all deal with one issue when using computers and that is neck pain or the shoulder joints that hurt when we try to take a different posture. After all the research we feel it’s normal and forget it, but you can get rid of it by connecting another monitor. Connecting a monitor is not only useful for this specific reason but also for people who demand more info and the ones who play games 24/7.

After a lot of research, i have found a way to connect a second monitor to a computer that is running windows and this is one of the best and easy way to do this. You don’t need to buy any cables or some other extra materials and spend money unnecessarily. All you need is a video cable.

Follow the steps below carefully:

Step 1. Make sure your second monitor is compatible with your people because most of the people try monitors that do not support this feature. And now here is a list of things you need to know.

Step 2. Make sure that the monitor you are about to add works with windows, better check it once before using it. And if it is a new one then there are no issues but checking one time would be good.

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Step 3. Now you need to compare the specifications list of the monitor that you are about to add with your CPU’s specs list. And if it fits in the list then you’re good to go. The reason I am sharing this is probably because if you’re willing to add a monitor that is of high-end configuration then it may not support your PC.

Step 4. Your computer and the monitor comes with a VGA or DVI-I interface so make sure you have got the right cable and if the cable is not supportive go for an adapter.


                                                    DVI-I interface cable

      VGA cable

Step 5. Now go to your control panel and you need to choose Hardware and Sound > Display, and then choose “Connect to an external display.”


Step 6. Now you should connect your second monitor and you should see a dual monitor display close to the top of the monitor screen. And if you don’t see that then click ‘Detect’ and also make sure the monitor is connected properly. After you perform these steps you should have your second monitor working by now.

Step 7. After the second monitor is connected you can play with the orientation or screen resolution so set up the screen depending upon our 1st screen’s properties.

Step 8. Go to control panel -> Appearance and personalization -> Display -> Screen resolution. Now you will have different options available you can see on the picture below. Perform the type of operation you want your monitor to do by selecting one of the options.

This is one of the best ways to connect an additional monitor to your windows computer or laptop. You can Duplicate the screen or Extend the screen.

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