Sync Clipboard

If you’re wondering what a Clipboard is, it a section of the RAM, which temporarily stores the data you’ve copied from any app. The data can be anything like a text, an image or a file in your device. Every operating system uses this buffer, so yeah you’ve been using it for a long time.

Sync Clipboard

If you’re like us, it is common for you to use a phone and a computer simultaneously. There will always be situations when we want something on our phone to be available on the computer. In this guide, we’ll have a look at some of the most popular apps/software that allows you to do the same. Before, do check the link given below if you’d like to sync Android and Windows in a much advanced and functional way.

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Clipto – Clipboard Manager & History, Notes Sync

If you’re looking for something that lets you do more than just sync your clipboards, then this one is for you. Clipto is a feature-rich app that lets search, tag, filter, sort, manage your clipboard history and more. The free version of the app has enough for you to get started, but no one will try to stop you from trying premium. The setup is straight forward.

Install the app and follow the on-screen instructions, which are very easy to understand. Also, not that the app works for other platforms like Mac and Linux.

Here are some problems we encountered during our usage.

  • The Windows app was a little buggy.
  • The app needs to be running in the foreground for you to sync your clipboards.

Download Clipto

Android: Download

Windows: Download


This one is meant for the minimalists among you as it lets you do nothing more sync your clipboards. ClipSync is a free and lightweight app which, unlike other apps, need Google Chrome to function. ClipSync, like any other app in the list, requires you to install both an Android and Windows app.

The app will not ask you to log in, and it will work if both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. However, the Android app has not seen an update since 2012.

  • Install ClipSync on Android.
  • Install ClipSync server on Windows and allow it through the firewall.
  • When the app icon appears on the taskbar, run the Android app.
  • It will try to connect automatically. If it fails, then click on Manual and type in the IP address of your Windows machine.
  • You can get the IP by right-clicking on the app icon on the taskbar.

Download ClipSyncClipSync

Android: Download

Windows: Download


Clipbrd is another lightweight app available on the Google Play Store. However, instead of a Windows app, we’re greeted with a Chrome extension. One must install both of these to sync their clipboards. You must either Register or Login to the app to start using it. Clipbrd is the easiest one to set up in the entire list. One drawback of Clipbrd is that it requires Google Chrome. So if you don’t use Chrome, then leave it.

Download Clipbrd

Android: Download

Chrome: Download

Note that, you can now install the Chrome extension on Microsoft Edge too, so yeah there is still hope.

Clip Cloud – Clipboard Sync between PC and Android

Consider this one an improvement to the above one as it comes with a much pleasant UI. And this one claims to be using encrypted clipboards, so why not give them a try. The service transmits your precious data through the Google Cloud Message, so yeah security at its best. Unlike other, this one only offers a 30-day free trial after which you’ll have to pay for using the service. But still, we recommend that you try it as it does everything it promises. Also, note that it requires you to use your Google account, how else do you think they get access to Google Cloud.

Download Scatter

Android: Download

Chrome: Download

This was our list of apps that are good for syncing clipboards. We hope that you found this guide to be useful.

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