How To Transform Any Android Smartphone To iOS 9 Without RootHow To Transform Any Android Smartphone To iOS 9 Without Root

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Want to experience the iPhone interface in your Android device? No issues. You can convert our Android into pure iPhone Interface without Rooting within few secs.

Most of the people just love to switch to a different operating system after using the present Device for some months, So that they can get a new UI experience, So if you are one of those then you are absolutely reading the right article.

You can convert your Android’s UI into iPhone’s Interface without any root access or without any custom Rom flashing. The tutorial is very easy anyone who has a basic Android Knowledge can do this tutorial easily. Do tell us about your queries and experience in the comment box.

This trick may or may does not work on some device, we have personally tested this and it works Fine For us.

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Things you need:-

  1. Android Device.
  2. iNoty App. 
  3. iLauncher App. 
  4. OS8 LockScreen App. 
  5. Control Center App.
  6. Apple Keyboard App. 
  7. Geak Camera App.


Step 1: Download and install iNoty, iLauncher, OS8 LockScreen, Control Center, Apple Keyboard, Geak Camera.

Step 2: Open iNoty and after opening, Enable iNoty.

Step 3: Open Control Center and then Enable “Start Service”.


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Step 4: Open iLauncher and then tap on Home navigation button and then Choose iLauncher as default Launcher.

Step 5: Open Apple Keyboard and then tap on Enable in Settings and then Enable Apple Keyboard, after that go back and tap on Switch Input and then choose Apple Keyboard and then Tap on finish.


Step 6: Open OS8 Lock Screen and then Enable Screen Lock. You can also set a Password lock by Tapping on Set password.

Step 7: Now Restart your device, After restarting you can see the changes.


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