How To Turn Your Android Phone Into Personal Security Camera

Today we are here to show you an interesting trick so that you can turn your old or any extra Android smartphone into a Security Camera, the things are less in required but yes you have to understand what are the things we need to make your smartphone as surveillance camera.

In your office, home or anywhere you want to place you smartphone, you can connect it via internet, your smartphone and the computer both must have an internet connection so that the video can feed you live on your computer screen.

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You all must have heard about Security Camera but did you know that you can change your Android Smartphone into a personal Security camera in just a few steps. Trust me, guys, it is as easy as installing an app on our device and during this procedure if you want to ask any questions, then please feel free to ask us. Just drop a comment in our comment section and we will get to you ASAP.

How To Turn Your Android Phone Into Personal Security Camera

Things You need:

  • Desktop/Laptop (with an active internet connection)
  • Android Smartphone(With internet connection)
  • IP Webcam Application (Download)

Step 1: Download and install IP Webcam App on your Android device and after downloading it open the app. Things to keep in mind: Don’t disable mobile data/wifi (Source of internet Connection).

Step 2: After opening the app Just scroll Down to the end and tap in the options “Start Server”

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Step 3: After tapping Start server you will get a screen like this with an IP address at the bottom, e.g http://123.456.7.791.8080. After that open your web browser and write the IP in the URL section and enter.

Step4: After entering the IP just go to the Browser option and will get to see the surveillance option.

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Note: You can record the video by the pressing the red circle button. Enjoy.

Now you can see your video recorded by your smartphone and showing on your computer.

NOTE: Every tutorial in GadgetSay is for Educational Purpose. We are not responsible for Any type of loss .

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