How To Uninstall Android's Bloatware/Preinstalled AppsHow To Uninstall Android's Bloatware/Preinstalled Apps

We all use Android devices and there is only 1 problem that all Android users deal with regularly and that is phone slowing down or experiencing laggy nature os the device. This is very annoying and can cause many problems like eating up all the battery power and not allowing you to perform any task. This happens mainly due to those pre-installed apps that are running in the background and consuming most of your RAM.

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The worst part is that you don’t have enough permissions by default to uninstall or remove these apps though you can stop them temporarily they’ll start again eventually after reboot or restart of your device. This problem is a nightmare for people who have low RAM devices like below 1GB of RAM. Android OS consumes about 40% of RAM and these background apps consume most of the remaining free RAM.

This will keep the device running unnecessary apps in the background and this will lead to laggy nature. When this happens the user cannot perform any tasks. But there is a solution to this and this article is all about uninstalling all those unnecessary preinstalled apps that are consuming your phone battery and slowing it down momentarily.

Follow the Steps below to uninstall preinstalled apps in any android device:

Step 1. In order to do that you need to root your phone and if you don’t know how to root your phone there is a link below at the end of this post to help you out.

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Step 2. After rooting your phone install SuperSU application from playstore.

Step 3. You need to install Titanium Backup application just in case if you loose any files and backup you device apps. You can download this app from playstore.

Step 4. Now need to install “system app remover” from playstore and launch the app it will ask you superuser permission you have to grant it.
And now you can uninstall all your preinstalled apps directly with this Application.

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This is the easiest and best way to uninstall all the preinstalled apps from any Android device.

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