How To Root And Unroot Any Android Device TemporarilyHow To Root And Unroot Any Android Device Temporarily

When it comes to rooting your Android device it is pretty easy but unrooting your phone requires few steps that should be taken very seriously. Most of the people want to unroot their devices because they come across few applications that get laggy when your phone is rooted and also because they just don’t want to void the warranty.

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It is true that unrooting your Android device will not void the warranty. But what if I say you that you can temporarily root and unroot your android device. If you want to unroot your device then at some point you will definitely root your device again. So in this tutorial, I am going to share a simple way to root and unroot your phone temporarily.

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Rooted Android device
Android device with at least 50% charged
Kingroot application
Root checker application

Follow the steps carefully:

Step 1. First download and install Root checker. This application will show you the current Root status if your device.


Step 2. Now open Root checker and check the Root status.


Step 3. Since this procedure requires a Rooted android device, Open kingRoot in your device as it should be available since the device is rooted.


Step 4. Now go to options and click on general settings, Then click on Enable root authorization. Now your rooted mobile is unrooted .


Step 5. To check it go to Root checker and click on verify root. Now you can clearly see that the Root is not available so this is how you can disable root temporarily on any Android device.

screenshot_2016-11-06-09-02-15 screenshot_2016-11-06-09-04-42

To enable Root again go to Kingroot>options>general settings>enable root authorization. This is the best and easiest way to temporarily Root and Unroot any Android device.

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