chrome developer tools

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and it has almost 70% market share. It has various useful tools and among them, Google Chrome Developer tools are very useful for all web designers and developers. Through the chrome developer tools, you can remote debug live content on an Android device from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Moreover, if you want to change or tweak the CSS of a webpage, you can do that in google chrome developer tools very easily.

chrome developer tools

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However, all browsers nowadays provide developer toolkit to its users on the desktop version. But if the desktop version of the website running perfectly and the mobile version of the website is broken. In that case, Google Chrome has Remote Debugging through which you have you can connect your Android phone. Now you will have full access to the Google Chrome developer tools for your mobile. However, we have listed the main features of Google Chrome Developers below.

  1. You measure the Page speed of a particular webpage very easily.
  2. To find errors there is a built-in console that will direct you to errors with your code. The nice thing here is the ability to click on the error link, and you are presented with a view of the problematic code.
  3. You can tweak the CSS and HTML of a web page and see the changes in realtime.

Guide to use Google Chrome Developer Tools on Mobile


  • You should have a Computer or Laptop with Google Chrome installed on it.
  • Your Android Device should have Google Chrome installed.
  • A USB cable is used to connect your mobile to the PC.
  • Enable Developer Mode by going to Settings > About phone then tap on Build number 7 times and enable USB Debugging from the Developer options.

Steps to use Chrome Developer Tools on an Android Device

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer and then open developer tools and click on the three-dot menu and then select “More Tools“, after that click on “Remote Devices“.
  2. Now connect your Android Device to PC via USB cable. You will see an authorization popup, you have to allow it by tapping on the OK button.
  3. Now Google Chrome Developer tools list your device name and type under the Devices Tab.
  4. Open Chrome browser on your Android device and after that click on the device name in developer tools on your computer.
  5. The list of different tabs that are opened on your Android device appears. Now you have to click on the Inspect button for the tab in which you want to debug.
  6.  Once you pressed the Inspect button you will see a new window on the left side that shows the Chrome for Android browser’s tab. And on the right side, there will be the chrome developer tools.
  7. That’s it, now you can debug the webpage, play with the code, and more.

We Hope you successfully start using the developer tools for Google Chrome for mobile. If you have any issues related to the above steps kindly use the comment box below. We will try to give you a solution to your problem/issue.

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