Wear OS is the best UI that can compete with Apple watches. Wear OS was already famous, and with the launch of OPPO watches, it gained more popularity. Recently, we saw a report that Wear OS will make it challenging to install third-party apps from a future date. It meant that you could never sideload any third-party apps from a future date. Developers were amazed to see this notice from Google because it was iOS that blocks installing third-party apps. However, a developer named Malcolm Bryant has come up with a solution to bypass this issue faced by Wear OS smartphone users. He has created a Wear OS installer to sideload the third-party Wear OS apps. 

Wear OS installer

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The same developer-first raised concern about Google’s move to block sideloading of third-party applications. Earlier, you could install apps installed on your phone through the Play Store on the Watch. The same method will be removed by Google soon, i.e., from March 10 onwards. However, he had found the solution to the same problem. You can see the discussion of his thread on Reddit. Still, you guys can use the old method of sideloading apps through ADB. But who will use that method when they have a new-gen and most straightforward way to install. 

How to sideload apps through Wear Installer to Wear OS running watches?

As we said above, there isn’t any external device requirement for using the Wear OS installer. Please do note that by external devices, we meant about PCs. The best thing about it is that the installer can extract Wear OS-compatible apps from everyday Android applications aKa from APKs. Learn from the following steps mentioned below to install the installer.

  1. For this, first, download the Wear OS installer on your Android phone. For this, you can click here and download the same.
  2. Then install the same on your Android device.
  3. Now, open Wear Installer on your Android smartphone.
  4. After this, take your Watch and Open Google Play Store. 
  5. From here, tap on Apps on your phone and scroll down to find the Wear OS installer. Now, please tap on the same to install it on your Watch.
  6. Once it has been installed, navigate to Settings and scroll down until you find System.
  7. Now, go to About and tap on build number seven times to enable Developer options.
  8. Go back and select Developer options and turn on ADB debugging. Make sure to turn on Debug over WiFi. 
  9. You need to know the IP address of your watch for further steps. For this, navigate to Settings and tap on WiFi. Now, select the WiFi to which you’ve connected, and from here, you can view the IP address.
  10. Now, enter the address in the Wear OS installer on your phone.
  11. Then, tap on the Done button in the installer application on your device.
  12. Now you can tap on the applications on the Wear OS installer to install the same on your Watch.
  13. Before installing, the watch will show a prompt that shows Allow debugging with some options. Scroll down and tap on Always allow from this computer on your Watch.
  14. It’s worth noting that, Wear OS installer will not install apps if those are not made for Wear OS. So, don’t worry that the app will not destroy your Watch.

You’ve completed the process of installing the Wear OS installer. I hope you have understood the process. We have also included the developer’s video if you want a detailed video guide for installing the same. Share the article with your friends and family members who own a Wear OS device and want to install third-party apps on their Watch. Also, a comment will be much appreciated.

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