How To Use Whatsapp GIF Image Feature In AndroidHow To Use Whatsapp GIF Image Feature In Android

With the growth of WhatsApp, it became the most popular messaging app all around the world. And now it is on the tip of everybody’s tongue. This app has been implemented in many ways by adding many features like send documents feature which was added a while ago and also audio call option. It is getting bigger and better in terms of accessibility. Here is what you should know about its new feature. Whatsapp is launching a beta version for checking a new feature which is sending a video file as a GIF image.

You can send a 6 sec video file as a GIF file by the help of this new feature in an upcoming update. Also, this feature is very trending these days recently even Facebook has added GIF feature which is really amazing. Users can share different types of GIF images to their friends. This new feature of gif image will be supported to WhatsApp users for android who are using the beta version of 2.16.242 to 2.16.244. Other than this previous versions won’t have this feature. Now you can find this new beta version of Whatsapp available in google play which supports the gif image file.

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A report from Android Police stated that this gif support image was seen on version 2.16.242 version of the android WhatsApp app. But later gadgets 360 tested this gif image support feature personally and stated that this feature is available for 2.16.242 to 2.16.244 beta versions of WhatsApp for Android.

Steps to use this feature:

In order to use this feature here is what you want to do.

1. You need to have the WhatsApp versions between 2.16.242 to 2.16.244 on an android device and then.

2. Go to WhatsApp and icon which is available on the top of the chat screen, then select the attachment.

3. Then you will be headed to record the video option and then you can record at least a 6 sec video.

4. Now before sending the video you will get an option of trimming video page along with camcorder icon which will be available in the top right corner of the app.

5. By selecting the icon the recorded video will then convert into a gif file. Then just send it.


Also, you can send the available videos in your gallery which are 6 sec or less than 6 seconds. Not only that it also works videos from another application which can be shared via WhatsApp.

According to the Android Police, they stated that these files are actually converted into mp4 extension and audios files which are saved in the folder WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Animated Gifs as mp4 files. When any file of this type is received then the user will get the notification as a gif image has been received.

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