Building a website of your own is a dream for every tech geeks. But it is considered only an easy task for professionals. you need a web server to host  your website. Here we are going to discuss how an ordinary person can create a website by turning  his own computer into a web server  absolutely free of cost.What actually it means is that you have a software installed on your computer to serve the web pages.

Here are the steps to turn your computer into a web server to build websites!

Step1: At first you need to visit pcmichiana And then again within this site from the top menu click on Free Downloads.

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Note: Now you will see a list of headers and under the headers there are a list of softwares so be calm processed to the next step.

Step2: Now scroll bottom you will find Developer Tools, Under Developer Tools click On XAMPP Server Suite, Now just download the file, It is recommended to select the latest version of php for your windows.

Note: You may find all in 32 bit, but you can go with that, select the 7.0.6 version of XAMPP for Windows.

Step3: Once your download is completed, click on downloaded application and install it as the process of installation ask you.

Note: The path of installation is the only important and from there only you can browse your website. It should be on C drive.

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Step4: After download and installation of XAMPP application, Open it, Now you will see that this application basically a control panel of your website hosting, Now click both the Start beside the Apache and MySql.

Start beside the Apache and MySql
Start beside the Apache and MySql

Note: Once you click on Start button beside both the Apache and MySql you will be prompt to allow internet access and you should allow them to connect internet.

Now your server is ready!

Step5: Now open your Google Chrome as recommended, And type in the address bar as http://localhost/ and hit enter. Now select the English Language and you are into the server control Dashboard panel.

Note: Now you will see your web server as XAMPP and from their every thing will start.

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Step6: Now we have to check that whether the server is working properly or not, Click on phpinfo() and you should see php version and it should not be blank. Again click on phpMyAdmin and it should also work and select the appropriate language you want.

Now built your website, and to do this you can place your HTML file to the root folder of your C folder which we should now call it as your hosting server. And to do that follow the below step.

Step7: Move to your C folder and did you remember the where is your XAMPP installed? yes you should know it, now click on the folder XAMPP and then again click on htdocs folder, this is the only folder where your websites stored.

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Step8: Under htdocs you can see all the files and folders but you need to create a new folder by right-click and new and then folder, Name the folder as mytestwebsite and put your HTML file or if you don’t have any HTML file then under your folder mytestwebsite – make a right-click and select Text Document from New and name it as index.htm and it should change into a web browser icon and then you need to write Text under that file and to do that right-click on index.htm and click on Open With Notepad and now you can type anything but at first you should type Text and click on file and then save.

 index and click on Open With Notepad
index and click on Open With Notepad

Step9: Every thing is done but you need to check whether your website is opening on your web browser or not. And to know that, go to your Chrome web browser and then copy and paste your link and hit enter – localhost/mytestwebsite/index.htm and hit enter, if it didn’t work then the address must be wrong try to enter the correct address and localhost is the main permalink and then your root folder which is you created recently and then the name of the text web document you created.

All done, if you have any doubt processing the steps then you must share your problems using the below comment box.

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