How To Use Ophcrack To Crack Any PasswordHow To Use Ophcrack To Crack Any Password

Ophcrack is a free password cracker tool for windows based on rainbow tables. It is one of the most efficient tools that runs via windows, mac, Linux installations or using a live CD.It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables to crack the passwords. Cracking  passwords using ophcrack is a very easy task if you  head with right steps.

Rainbow table is a set of collection of different combinations of alpha and numeric. ophcrack compares password with this rainbow table and when a working one is encountered it is presented before you within very short span of time.

Now let’s see how to crack a password with ophcrack live CD.

step #1 Download Ophcrack live CD ISO file from their website. (download link)

step#2 Burn the ISO file to a CD using any burning software

step#3 Put the CD into CD Drive of the Computer you want to Crack the Password

step#4 Enter into the BIOS setting and change boot settings to boot from  disk drive for first booting device and boot from the disk

step #5 when you exit bios ophcrack will initiate by itself

step #6 when the logo screen appears , select ophcrack graphic mode automatic and press enter.

step #7 A window with ophcrack task menu appears. from that select the user account you want to crack the password and hit launch

step#8 when the ophcrack finds password from the rainbow table it was  displayed on the screen under no password

This is very simple and easy to crack the forgotten  passwords or to get someone’s password. the live cd can be installed into any computer you want to crack password and boot the system  using that live cd and crack the password in most simple steps. ophcrack provides its users to download few ophcrack rain tables for free. you can crack 99.9 % of passwords under 14 alphanumeric characters.

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