Many manufacturers have launched folding phones, including Samsung, Motorola and Huawei. But other manufacturers want to join the race as well. This statement is true not only for the top brands but also for those that are leaving the smartphone business. Today, LetsGoDigital showed renders of the HTC folding screen smartphone. Of course, this doesn’t mean the Taiwanese company will launch it. But it’s still very interesting to see HTC in game.

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As the source claims, HTC applied for a patent for a ‘foldable display device’ in the United States on New Year’s Day 2019. The document was released on August 20, 2020 and published in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database.

HTC Folding screen smartphone

The patent describes a foldable display device that looks similar to a Motorola Razr flip phone. But the screen is folded outward. And its hinge allows the device to be used half-open or fully opened. All the necessary components of the hinge are introduced in detail.

HTC Folding screen smartphone

On both sides of the HTC folding screen smartphone patent, there are two support modules at the hinge level. It contains different gears. The system must ensure that the flexible display panel will not be excessively stretched during the folding process. In this way, the risk of wrinkles on the screen can be reduced. However, due to this mechanism, the hinge protrudes a little from the housing.

Generally, talking this HTC folding screen smartphone patent looks quite interesting. But it has a little possibility to appear on the market ever.

HTC Folding screen smartphone HTC Folding screen smartphone

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