Huawei and Samsung, you very well know as the biggest rivals in the smartphone industry if we keep aside the odd Apple for the time being. Their rivalry is not limited to just the smartphone sector but also in the network and telecommunication sector as they are the two biggest 5G equipment providers globally. Despite Huawei facing a hard time in the global market, a new report points out of Huawei shipping as many 5G phones as Samsung.

Huawei P40
Huawei P40 Series – the latest 5G beasts from the company.
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According to the report from Strategy Analytics, the Chinese firm Huawei has shipped the second most 5G phones in Q1 2020, behind Samsung which is in the top podium. Indeed it’s a great achievement given Huawei’s smartphones are no longer shipping with GMS (Google Mobile Services) outside China.

Samsung at the Top Podium

The research firm said 5G smartphone shipments topped 24.1 million units in the first quarter. Which accounts for nearly 13% more than the 18.7 million shipped last year in the same period. Samsung registered up to 34.4% of the global market share, having shipped 8.3 million 5G phones to settle at the top position. Huawei isn’t far behind though by shipping 8 million 5G phones and taking up 33.2% of the market.

Note that, Samsung and Huawei combinedly make 67.6% of the 5G market. As of the other players, they’re far behind Samsung and Huawei. Nonetheless, the rest of the places till 5th are equipped by the Chinese brands Vivo, Xiaomi, and Oppo respectively.

The miraculously outstanding performance by Huawei can be more or less attributed to the Chinese patriotism. Ever since Google blacklisted Huawei of using its GMS, national sentiments for Hauwei have been raising, and its seems to have pulled in favor of the company. Moreover, the quick adoption of 5G infrastructures in China did add up for huge demand in 5G smartphones and of course, their first priority is nothing but Huawei.

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