Huawei Children Watch 3 Pro Super Edition

Today, the Huawei Children Watch 3 Pro Super Edition started pre-sale.

If you want to quickly know the child’s position, the positioning requirements are very high. The Huawei Children Watch 3pro Super Edition supports nine-fold AI positioning. The AI ​​positioning service is added to the original nine-fold positioning. It has the advantage of intelligently optimizing positioning results from multiple positioning data. And the positioning accuracy is higher than before.

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In addition to outdoor positioning, shopping malls, hospitals and other crowded places are also just scenes for child safety. The Huawei Children Watch 3pro Super Edition supports indoor positioning of 4000+ domestic shopping malls, hospitals, and transportation hubs. Especially in the shopping malls, the actual positioning results can be located near specific floors and shops. If the child briefly disappears out of sight, parents can also view the child’s precise location information from the smartphone.

The Huawei Children Watch 3 Pro Super Edition is available in two colors: rainforest green and cherry vermicelli. It is equipped with a 1.4-inch TFT touch screen with a resolution of 320×320. Also, it supports 4G (5-mode 15-band network standard), and roaming in 200+ countries and regions around the world.

Huawei Children Watch 3 Pro Super Edition

Apart from this, the watch comes with a 5-megapixel front lens that supports video calling and taking pictures. There are also high-performance speakers that provide an excellent audio performance in noisy environments. The high-sensitivity digital microphone has a wider pickup, and a large sound cavity. So the call is clear and natural.

In terms of battery life, it features a built-in 660mAh battery and uses intelligent power-saving technology. In the super power saving mode, it can be charged in three days. But usually, it requires charging in two days.


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