IdeaHub, the all-new Enterprise Smart Screen by Huawei has been unveiled today with not much of fanfare. With the IdeaHub Huawei strives to strengthen its hold in the Enterprise Smart Screen sector where other players such as Samsung (Flip Displays) are too involved.

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Huawei IdeaHub Series comes in three editions, the IdeaHub S White Jade, the IdeaHub Pro White Jade and the IdeaHub Enterprise Titanium Gold Gray. All of them will be out for sale starting from June 8.

As per Huawei’s official statement, HUAWEI IdeaHub is a smart terminal product that integrates smart writing, extremely clear projection screen, video conferencing, and open office application market. It is a new terminal category for enterprise team collaboration that can meet corporate meetings Office, manager room, open office area and other smart office needs. As mentioned in the statement, the IdeaHub smart screens should expand the usability of the display and provide a ton of other features allowing smart, fast and seamless workflow among the team.

Huawei IdeaHub Specifications

Coming to the specifications in brief one by one starting with the IdeaHub S. It uses a 1080p lens to support 1080p data sharing and auto-framing Huawei cloud package. While its slightly improved variant, the IdeaHub Pro uses a 4K lens to support 4K data sharing and spokesperson tracking Huawei cloud package. Last but not the least, the premium among the series – the IdeaHub Enterprise employs a 4K lens to support 4K data sharing, speaker tracking, real-time subtitle translation, multi-modal meeting records and much more.

The IdeaHub Series design is aesthetically appealing and exactly like what we should expect from the tech-giant Huawei. These enterprise smart screens have a minimalist outline, integrated through stretching, 360° screwless and ballet leg art support. As a collaborative whiteboard, Huawei’s enterprise smart screen supports 35ms ultra-low writing delay, intelligent handwriting recognition and two-way labelling, and packs more functions for a connected, collaborative work environment.

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