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Huawei P40 Series, the latest and greatest offerings from Huawei are powerhouses with the powerful HiSilcon Kirin 990 SoC at their heart. Needless to say, these smartphones will handle whatever heavy tasks you throw at them with much ease. The newly out GameBench results of Huawei P40 Pro says nothing but the same.

GameBench has published the Huawei P40 Pro test results and awarded the beast with GameBench Ultra 90 certification. According to Gamebench’s evaluation, Huawei P40 Pro achieved 90fps with the games “Peace Elite” and “QQ Speed” which made it eligible for the certification. It shouldn’t come surprise as the stunning 90Hz AMOLED display driven by Huawei’s Kirin 990 chipset coupled with the Mali-G76 MP16 GPU, the gaming experience should be at its peak level.

The benchmarking platform has also signified that it’s not necessary for every game to achieve the same result in real-world since the testing method does not represent hardware, but the optimized quality of gaming devices. This is usually attained as a result of close cooperation between device manufacturers and game manufacturers. So, “PUBG Mobile” which has not yet opened 90fps by the game developer wasn’t able to attain 90fps and settled at 60fps in the test.

While the GameBench has published the result only of the P40 Pro, the result should be same for the Huawei P40 Pro+. While in the case of Huawei P40, it shouldn’t so cause its display hardware limitation.

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In the case of “Peace Elite”, the official said that to obtain Ultra 90 certification, it must provide an average frame rate of at least 87 fps, and the minimum frame must reach 81 fps. Well, Huawei P40 Pro met these requirements and passed the test with flying colours. So, the Huawei P40 Pro or the P40 Pro Plus is the device to go for if you’re looking for the best gaming device out there in the market.



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