The US-China trade war took an ugly turn last year when the US federal government imposed several sanctions on Huawei. Most of the US companies were barred to provide any service for the Huawei, which led to Google’s suspension of its services to Huawei smartphones. However, now it appears that Huawei is also locking horns over the involvement of US-based companies in manufacturing its smartphones.

huawei p40 componenets

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A recent teardown and acclaimed blogger on Weibo, Digital Big V has exposed that the Huawei P40 barely have any US-based components. Most of the components are home-manufactured by South Korean and Japanese companies or by the local companies. Here’s the list of all the components and its manufacturer used in Huawei P40.

Huawei P40 components manufacturers

  • Camera – Sony, Daliguang, Sunny Optical, Lijing, Qiu Ti Technology and Crystal Optoelectronics.
  • Fingerprint Sensor – Huiding Technology, Ophelia, and QiuTi Technology
  • Protection -Lansi Technology and Berne Optics
  • Display – BOE and LGD

Precisely, the Camera of Huawei P40 series is from Sony, Daliguang, Sunny Optical, Lijing, Qiu Ti Technology and Crystal Optoelectronics. The device’s fingerprint sensor is developed by Huiding Technology, Ophelia, and QiuTi Technology. The design protection comes from Lansi Technology and Berne Optics, meanwhile, the display panel is from BOE and LGD.

Huawei’s CEO, Richard Yu started by saying that the Huawei devices are combined product of China, Japan and Korean and the US companies as well. However, he later talks about the difficulties to get US-based components for the device manufacturing. He sheds some light on the US sanctions which led to difficulties in several businesses primarily in mobile computing.

He stressed that the company is still utilizing US-based components due to some old partners. However, he confidently spoke about the Huawei’s ability to make the smartphones without using any US-based component. He further added that Chinese enterprises are sufficient enough to replace the remaining US-made components. In the future.

In a similar move to excel Chinese companies, Richard Yu spoke about its cooperation with chip manufacturer – MTK and Spreadtrum for low-end devices.

Huawei’s CEO also talked about the negative impact that the ongoing trade war between US-China is making. He claimed the sanction by the US government will bring great damage to the global industry where everything is interdependent on each other.

Well, we hope in the future, both the countries relax their muscles in order to improve the trade between both countries. However, it is the need of an hour when a pandemic is affecting global economy.

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