Huawwi smart speaker

The world of smart speakers is about to get a new member. On the 2nd February 2020, Huawei filed for a patent design at the World Intellectual Property Organization. The design patent, which was for a new smart speaker, was recently published on 9th April 2020.

According to the publication, the speaker would have an oval design and its top portion would be raised for the output vents. From the images, the power button, volume button, Bluetooth and track change buttons would be at the front. The track change button is circular in shape.

Huawwi smart speaker

At the left side of the smart speaker, you can find the USB port for charging  the device also support a microSD card in the same region. Although there are a lot of details about the speaker design are still unknown, the speaker will likely to support Celia voice assistant.

The Celia Voice assistant is also found in the recent P40 series of Huawei. We don’t know when Huawei will launch this product so we cannot say much about its features yet.

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This oval design speaker is not Huawei’s first trial at a smart speaker.  Recentlt, Huawei Sound X speaker that is packed with Speaker Active Matching (SAM) signal-processing (Huawei’s Patent) was launched. The speaker button is touch-sensitive and comes with six tweeters and dual subwoofers.

The Sound X is the company’s first Smart speaker and was created in partnership with French audio specialists Devialet. Seeing the patent for another smart speaker may just be a sign that Huawei wants to up its game in the smart home space. 


By Rebecca