Huawei HiCharger

Yesterday, the Chinese proliferated manufacturer Huawei has officially revealed the HiCharger DC Fast Charging module globally. The latest charging equipment is the company’s new venture segment to provide smart car charging solutions. It will come in dual versions – the Chinese edition (KW) and the global edition (20KW).

Huawei is already enjoying a respectful presence in multiple industry domains like telecommunications, smartphones, and even smart TVs. With the launch of the HiCharger DC Fast Charging device, the company has stepped into the charging solutions industry.

The latest charging product will be taken as an energy charging infrastructure in collaboration with numerous Chinese electronic apartments. Some of them are China Merchants Sanyou and Grid, (Beijing), Xingxing Charging (Changzhou), Zhuhai Titan (Zhuhai) Nanwang Electric (Shenzhen) and others.

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Huawei HiCharger

As Huawei will mark the new industry segment, its energy product lineup will assist four areas, i.e. communications energy, smart electric, data center energy, and smart photovoltaic. The smart electric compartment promises to develop high-standard and high-quality automotive electrification solutions. It aims to provide essential components like electronic control, battery management, and charging and power supply etc.

When it comes to the HiCharger DC Fast Charging module, its overseas version offers a maximum efficiency of 96.55%. Similarly, the Chinese edition has a maximum efficiency of 96.4%. Some integrated modules like efficient control algorithm, efficient patent technology, and smooth air duct design help to reduce losses.

Huawei could become the principal supplier of smart car charging solutions if it continues to accelerate efforts in this direction. The company has the potential to rule the domestic market, if not globally, with high-quality product development at affordable prices.

Apart from charging solutions, Huawei has poured the smart interactive system for cars in its portfolio. The system, known as HiCar, was announced last year.

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