Huawei is one of the most active and astute technology manufacturers from China. A few weeks back, on March 30, the company also explained the WIFI 6 Plus module during an online communication event. Alongside this, Huawei revealed a pair of WIFI routers (Huawei AX3 and AX3 Pro) that support the aforesaid technology as well.

Now, the company has announced the price figures of the upcoming WIFI devices officially. Both Huawei AX3 and AX3 Pro WIFI routers will carry a price tag of Yuan 229 and Yuan 329, respectively.

Along with that, the brand also has announced via official Weibo account that the Huawei router AX3 Series will land the market on April 27 at 00:00.

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Huawei WIFI 6+ AX3

It is also worth mentioning here that the Huawei P40 Smartphone Series also supports the latest WIFI 6+ technology. Now, let’s have a quick eye on the product details and specifications.

Huawei WIFI AX3 Router

Well, the WIFI AX3 router installs the Kirin 650 chipset to ensure 160 MHz frequency bandwidth. Further, the device has two amplifiers with 2.4 GHz range, while two amplifiers are arranged for 5 GHz. The theoretical speed can impressively reach up to 3000 Mbps.

In others, the WIFI router supports Huawei’s one-touch networking and other features. In primarily concludes remote office acceleration, child online protection, mobile acceleration, and online lesson acceleration. The sole colour choice is White.

Huawei WIFI AX3 Pro Router

It also configures the same quad-core Kirin 650 processor to offer the 160MHz frequency bandwidth. The theoretical speed is again 3000 Mbps.

Like the standard model, the professional edition also captures dual amplifiers for both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Additionally, it also covers mobile acceleration, remote office acceleration as well as child online protection.

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