Humanoid Robot Atlas Learned How To Walk Over Uneven TerrainHumanoid Robot Atlas Learned How To Walk Over Uneven Terrain

Humanoid Robot Atlas Learned How To Walk Over Uneven Terrain

Google has been introducing new things to the world and without any doubt, it is clear that 2016 has been Google’s best year because we got to witness Google’s new smartphone and other applications. Google has been working on something that could take over technology to a new limit. It is named as “Atlas” a robot that is being developed by the best team on the planet.

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From recent news, Atlas robot developed by Google has managed to walk over rough terrain. This is completely unbelievable because we humans cannot manage to walk properly on places where we don’t know the state of land we are going to walk onto. But this robot has managed to roll over on places like that.

Atlas has trial and error sessions repeatedly with the engineers working on the programming finally managed to teach Atlas a skill that few robots, and even humans have mastered and that is walking over obstacles without falling on your face.

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As soon as the word spread out, “Atlas can walk bipedally leaving the upper limbs free to lift, carry, and manipulate the environment,” Boston Dynamics wrote on their website.

The engineers teamed up to teach Atlas to ‘feel’ for a steady foothold on the uneven surface and maintain balance by separating its weight and distributing it by using an insane number of split-second calculations in its brain/giant circuit board head.

Here is the footage below:

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For most of the humans it is not as easy for the first time but eventually, humans get habituated and master it. But these robots need to get one perfect stand and calculations will be recorded of the body weight and then it’s like they’ve mastered it already. There are endless possibilities for these robots in future.

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