According to Stephen Hawking (the famous scientist), humans have only 1000years life left on the earth. If humans will not leave the earth then they will have to face death. In a conversation with the Britain’s Oxford University Union this week Stephen Hawking discussed.

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In a conversation with the Britain’s Oxford University Union this week Stephen Hawking discussed in the topic ‘The Origin of the Universe’. In this topic he utter that this destruction of humanity will be not so rapid he can’t tell the exact time of destruction but it might take some 1000 to 10,000 years to happen. He also added, if we want to save humanity then the humans have to move onto the different planets or stars.

Stephen Hawking considers rescuing civilisation we have to plan for building society in different planet of solar system. Hawking is awakening us for getting prepared in advance for the destruction that is going to happen in future.

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Before this news hawking had already told about the destiny of human life that is humans should move to other planet to stay alive. In a BBC Reith lecture which was held in January Hawking said that “he criticize the humans for this destruction. This is happening because of nuclear war, depletion of its natural resources, genetically engineered viruses and global warming which are ruins by humans”.

In this lecture Hawking told the students of the university to stay practical and think of future not of the present.  He told the students to look forward and save the humanity. Life is difficult but what matter is that how you face the situation and overcome it.

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When we face the difficult situation of the life it becomes easier and as a result we always achieve the victory. He also said that our motive is to find a planet which fits for human habitation.

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