Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2

Smart earphones have become a product that everyone uses very frequently every day. Long-term wearing makes their comfort very important.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 relies on Huawei’s strong technical research support, and is based on 10,000+ global 3D human ear models. Ergonomic bionics to design the shape of the earphones. Compared with subjective assessment, objective analysis can cover a wider range of human ear types to ensure wearing comfort.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 not only takes into account the wearing comfort of tens of thousands of ears, that is men, women, children, and other different groups of people, it also takes into account the wearing comfort of different usage scenarios.

At the beginning of the design of this headset, sports scenes such as running and jumping were considered, and it was specially optimized to make it comfortable to wear during sports. Which is comfortable to wear and no feeling. Because the whole is very light, thin and compact, it is also very convenient to carry when going out, and it will not increase the burden of travel.

As a smart headset, its essence is still a headset, and the sound quality is naturally a very important component. Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 headset innovatively adopts an acoustic architecture of two independent sound units: a quad-magnet driver that focuses on the mid-bass. Dynamic coil unit, micro-plate tweeter focused on high-pitched.

Digital double-frequency technology, through the built-in dual-channel DAC, the music signal is transmitted to two independent processing paths, bringing high-frequency, mid-low frequency two-channel pure sound signals, so the moving coil unit and the micro-plate tweeter work independently.

Do not interfere, cooperate tacitly in the frequency range that each is good at. It ensures that the sound details of any of the low, mid and high frequency bands are not lost, so that the audio content heard by the user is clearer and the details are richer.

In terms of listening sense, it feels very dynamic, and I can clearly hear the singer’s subtle breathing between every two lines of lyrics. “Hotel California” is naturally a must-listen song for every sound quality lover. This song feels especially deep, at the beginning, when the instrument is played, the sense of hearing of the tempari drum will be in the middle, and the sound of the sand hammer with South American characteristics will be in the middle.

The rustling sound will be located on both sides between the left and right ears; in the middle singing part, what I feel most deeply is the sound of the lead singer and the harmony, which can fully recognize the change of voice position, and the overall sense of presence is super strong, especially like It is the direct listening experience of the concert scene.

The fast-paced life makes us very eager to relax in a private space, especially if we can’t hear everyone’s noise on the subway or bus during commuting, so everyone has a need for noise reduction headphones. This headset has a new quiet call function.

Based on the four-microphone fusion noise reduction architecture, combined with Huawei’s self-developed Deep Neural Network (DNN) call noise reduction algorithm, it separates human voice and noise, directionally picks up mouth sound, and enhances human voice. When picking up and talking, even in a noisy environment, your voice can be clearly conveyed to the other party.

Smart Dynamic Noise Cancellation 2.0 allows the headset to automatically detect the user’s ear shape and wearing conditions, and match the best noise reduction parameters from a variety of noise reduction parameters, which is equivalent to customizing an exclusive noise reduction for the user’s ears. parameters, so that different users can get the best noise reduction experience. This one impressed me a lot.

No matter the hustle and bustle of traffic or the roar of the engine running, it will not disturb the quiet use experience, allowing you to return to the quiet world in seconds and regain freshness. And not only can be used on the road, even in the office, it can also let you avoid external interference, not only can improve office efficiency, but also prevent gossip from affecting your mood. Not only can it maintain inner peace, but it is also a good anti-involution artifact.

This headset also supports transparent transmission mode. For example, when running in the park, you need to hear the avoidance prompts of passers-by. For example, when I go to the store or the supermarket to buy something, I meet a friend. In the above cases, as long as you turn on the transparent mode, even if you play music in the headphones, you can still hear the voice information around you, and you can say hello to passing friends without taking off the headphones.

I just talked about the earphone part of the smart earphone. Next, I will talk about the smart part. Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 supports the Hongmeng system. Through the “Audio Connection Center” of the Smart Life APP, the connection of the earphone can be managed visually, and the connection of the earphone can be quickly switched.

For users who own Huawei multi-terminal devices in all scenarios, they only need to perform a full device trusted pairing through the same Huawei account, and then they can automatically complete the pairing and connection with other devices under the user account, and experience seamless connection in all scenarios.

We can connect two devices at the same time without switching back and forth, and support the connection of TV, PC, tablet, mobile phone and other devices. When using a PC for a video conference, the phone rings, and the headset can be quickly answered with two taps, which is amazing.

Other aspects, such as touch to cut songs, answer and hang up calls, turn on and off noise reduction, etc., can be achieved by long-pressing or double-clicking the earphone handle. In addition, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 also has excellent low-latency performance, audio and video synchronization, whether it is online games, watching live sports events, or chasing dramas, it can ensure audio and video synchronization without a sense of separation.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 also supports the intelligent situational broadcast function. After adding flight and train information to the mobile phone, the headset can broadcast the flight/train before departure and arrival at the station. At the same time, in case of delays, cancellations, changes, etc. Real-time broadcast reminders will also be made. There is no need to worry about missing important information in daily travel, it is very convenient, and the efficiency has really improved a lot this month.

In terms of battery life, this headset can achieve 6.5 hours of continuous playback with noise reduction turned off, 4 hours of continuous playback with noise reduction turned on, 18 hours of continuous playback with the charging box turned on and noise reduction turned on, and up to 30 hours of continuous playback with noise reduction turned off.

Almost no power anxiety this month. You can use it with the charging box for almost a week on a single charge. We don’t have to worry about it even on a temporary business trip.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 gives me with a good impression. It is a TWS headset with active noise reduction. In addition, it is comfortable in appearance and wearing. It has superior functions and experiences in terms of performance, battery life, connectivity, sound quality and interaction. ​​

Rudhra Nandu

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