Everything You Need To Know About India's First Bullet TrainEverything You Need To Know About India's First Bullet Train

India’s first bullet train will be out soon. Where passengers will be getting an amazing experience with the bullet speed in traveling between Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Not soo long India has started its project for providing public transport facility in high speed by bullet trains. It is being said that the railway corridor will have a long tunnel under the sea which was mentioned by the senior railway minister. On the occasion of public transport, bullet trains project.

This project is not much complex of a project, But starting with the rail corridor it will be projected on the elevated track, Which will eventually thine, And would shift under the sea which is planned in the project.

Check out the details of the train below

1. The corridor is 508 km long between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, Will consist of a 21km long tunnel under the sea which is said by the railway ministry statement.

2. According to the project most of the corridor part will be on the raised track, But there will also be a stretch that will be below sea according to the details provided by JICA.

3. The total cost for this project has considered as Rs 97,636 crore. Also being said that 81% of the funds are being offered by japan. These are the following things which are involved cost escalation, Interests, and taxes on construction and import duties.

4. Since the train will travel between Ahmedabad and Mumbai which is 508 km. Hence Maharastra and Gujarat will get 25 % equity equally is being said.

5. The equipment required for the construction will be imported from japan. And the loan will be for 50 years at the percentage of 0.1 yearly also interest with 15 years moratorium. Also according to an official report by the end of year loan agreement will be signed

6. National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) has been created by railway and an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle)

7. The speed of the train can be expected to 320Kmph.

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