How To Install And Run Linux Bash Shell On Windows 10How To Install And Run Linux Bash Shell On Windows 10

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update offers a big new feature for developers: A full, Ubuntu-based Bash shell that can run Linux software directly on Windows. This is made possible by the new “Windows Subsystem for Linux” Microsoft is adding to Windows 10.

Recently on Windows 10 Anniversary, Microsoft offer a new feature for Linux, Ubuntu and Microsoft developers, Now on a new update on Windows 10, it is now featured with Bash shell which is a Ubuntu-based programmed feature capable of running Linux/Ubuntu software on Windows 10.

This feature is now only available for Insider Preview Built 14316 of Windows 10. Bash Shell is Linux Subsystem for new Windows 10, basically, the subsystem is fully programmed to work on Windows 10, by Microsoft disowned Project Astoria which enables Android applications to run on Windows 10.

Bash Shell is Linux Subsystem for new Windows 10
Bash Shell is Linux Subsystem for new Windows 10

Basically, this is not a Linux based Bash shell, instead, it is programmed using the same binaries as currently Ubuntu Linux have. However, Microsoft has worked fully official way to enable Bash Shell runs on Windows10. And also we can say that this is not a Linux based feature because Linux is latest Operating System of Kernel.

So let’s start how to install and run Bash Shell on Windows 10!

Before the start, You should have Insider Preview Built 14316 Windows 10, Get Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary update and its only available 64-bit, you need to make sure that you have the exact version of Windows as mentioned.

Step1: Go to your system setting -> Update & Security -> For Developers, click on developer mode to enable the feature for developers.

click on developer mode to enable the feature for developers
click on developer mode to enable the feature for developers

Step2: Now open control panel -> Programs, at your right-hand side click on “Turn Windows Features On and OFF

Step3: Under Windows Feature On or Off -> Mark or Tick on Windows Subsystem For Linux (Beta) and click on OK.

Windows Subsystem For Linux (Beta)
Windows Subsystem For Linux (Beta)

Step4: Soon after that your computer will prompt to restart, click on Restart Now.

Step5: After restart you have to find the new program Bash, you can find that under Start button. Open Bash.

under Start button. Open Bash
under Start button. Open Bash

Step6: After the program start you will be prompt to agree to the terms and condition of Bash and soon after you type Y then the Bash command will start downloading Ubuntu-based Bash On Windows from official windows store.

tart downloading Ubuntu-based Bash On Windows
tart downloading Ubuntu-based Bash On Windows

Now how to use Ubuntu based bash on Windows 10?

Now using bash on Windows 10 means you are using Ubuntu on Windows 10, all the command line is now in your computer bash shell, to download and install more software from Ubuntu then you can use an apt-get command which will download more software to run within the Bash Shell of Ubuntu on Windows 10.

This is just a beta release and not all the software will run of Bash Shell, still you can download all the application to test whether it worked or not. Below some basic commands you can use on Bash Shell:

  • Change Directory: cd in Bash, cd or chdir in DOS
  • Move or Rename a File: mv in Bash, move and rename in DOS
  • List Contents of Directory: Is in Bash, dir in DOS
  • Use a Text Editor: vi or nano in Bash, edit in DOS
  • Create a Directory: mkdir in Bash, mkdir in DOS
  • Delete a File: rm in Bash, del or erase in DOS

The commands are easy to remember but there is a serious issue with capital name and non-capital name with Ubuntu and Linux, File.txt and file.txt are the two name but one is in Capital later and another is regular so in here Ubuntu and Linux command suffer some coding issue, unlike Windows.

You can create a file using from Bash Shell, Bash Shell cannot be accessed through different programs such as Windows CMD, Power Shell or something else program in windows. Bash Shell can access to the drives or Windows but cannot be programmed to Launch Windows Programs.

Hope you like the tutorial, express your view!

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