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It’s been a while since the latest Android 11 beta 1 is available for one of the best Pixel devices out there, the Pixel 4. If you haven’t yet tried the Android 11 beta on your device and would like to do now, then this guide is dedicated to you.

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Google offers Android Beta for Pixel program for those who would like to receive the beta update via OTA. Here, we’ll go through the manual process on which the factory OTA image is downloaded from Google server and flashed manually using ADB.

To get started, you’ll first need to download the beta OTA file from Google’s Full OTA Image hosting site from the link given below.


Pixel Full OTA Image Host: Click Here

Note: The site hosts OTA downloads for sideloading different updates, including Android 11, on every Pixel and Nexus device, so you’ll need to scroll down to ensure you are downloading the file associated to your device.

It goes without saying that the Android 11 Beta supports only Google Pixel 2/XL, Pixel 3/XL, Pixel 3a/XL, and Pixel 4/XL.

Installing OTA Images

To install an OTA package to a device, do the following:

  1. Download the OTA device image specific for the Pixel 4.
  2. Rename the file to update.zip and save to the desktop of your PC.
  3. Reboot the device into Recovery mode. For that, power down your handset. Then, hold down on the Power button and the Volume down button simultaneously until you get to the Bootloader page
  4. Once in the recovery mode, select ADB to sideload.
  5. Connect the device to a computer with the Android development environment loaded and the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) tool installed.
  6. Run the following command:
    adb sideload update.zip
  7. Wait for few minutes for the process to finish flashing the OTA.
  8. Once flashing is completed, reboot your device!

The device will boot with the brand new Android 11 beta upfront. Hope you enjoyed installing the beta. If you want to know about Android 11 installation on other devices, then head to our Install Android 11 portal. Do let us know your experience with the latest Android iteration in the comments.

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