Custom recovery is more or less the foundation of custom developments in the open world of Android. If you ask us what is the best custom recovery for Android now, we’d blindly say it to be TWRP. Perhaps TWRP has evolved to such an extent that it’s literally enjoying a monopoly in the segment. The latest update, TWRP 3.4 which was released a couple of days ago bolsters the TWRP as the Android’s good-to-go custom recovery.

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The TWRP 3.4 marks yet another major release with the team behind able to provide partial support for Android 10 devices. While there are a plethora of changes and added features, one of the perks of TWRP 3.4 should enthral the OPPO and Realme users. It’s cause nothing but the native support for OZIP decryption in TWRP 3.4 which will enable flashing official firmware of the mentioned devices directly from TWRP.

Earlier, in order to flash official Realme updates on a TWRP installed Realme devices, the official OTA package which is of proprietary OZIP extension need to be converted to .zip using a Python-based tool. The converted file can then be fed to whichever version of the TWRP is installed on the device.

Now, with the release of TWRP 3.4, converting is no longer a need. It should save a ton of time and the need for a Python installed PC for decrypting. In case if you’re wondering how to install official OTA on your Realme device using TWRP, then follow the below steps.

Installing OZIP via TWRP 3.4

Note: You should have Realme device running Realme UI and TWRP 3.4 installed. Also, the TWRP 3.4 gets replaced via Android stock recovery once the update completes. You need to flash the TWRP once again.

  1. Download and save the OZIP OTA file of your device on the root directory of the internal storage. Official OZIP files can be downloaded from the Realme server/website.
  2. Once it’s saved, boot to TWRP 3.4 recovery. Either use the key combination or input adb reboot recovery on your command-line tool.
  3. Once you’re in the TWRP main screen, tap on the Install option.
  4. TWRP will take you to the TWRP file manager which will let you choose the media storage.
  5. Choose internal storage and navigate to the OZIP file which you saved earlier.
  6. Tap on the file and swipe the slider to confirm the installation.
  7. Wait for the process to complete. Once the file installation completes, reboot your device.
  8. That’s it, the update has been successfully installed from TWRP 3.4 using the stock OZIP file.

As said earlier, you may need to flash the TWRP once again as once the device reboots to the system after updating, the existing TWRP will be replaced by the stock recovery. So do keep that in mind.

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