It’s not easy to root the Realme U1 smartphone. So if you have one and have unsuccessfully attempted to do root or install custom recovery. Then look no further because in this guide we explain how to install TWRP and root Realme U1 in clear and easy to follow steps. Failure to root this device often comes down to wrong instructions and the internet can be full of all sorts of methods and procedures on how to do the same.  

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Using the wrong instructions can be costly. It could result in a damaged instead of a rooted device. So vet carefully any guides you come across to avoid unintended consequences. 

Disclaimer: will not be responsible for any damage or loss incurred due to your use of this information. Using custom recoveries, rooting, and flashing custom ROM are procedures usually meant for advanced users so ensure you’re fully informed and proceed with caution.


Steps to Install TWRP on Realme U1

  1. Extract and install the downloaded files on your computer.
  2. Run the “flash_tool.exe” file.
  3. Locate the scatter file from within the same TWRP zip.
  4. Select the scatter file in the Flash tool.
  5. Click on download and leave the recovery box as is “unchecked”. 
  6. Flashing will begin soon.
  7. Once complete the custom recovery will be installed. 
  8. Disconnect the USB cable.

Next, let’s look at how to root your Realme U1.

Steps to root Realme U1 using Magisk:

  1. Move the downloaded Magisk manager into your smartphone’s internal memory.
  2. Boot your device into TWRP recovery mode.
  3. Click on “wipe” once you’re in TWRP mode. 
  4. Return to the main menu and tap “swipe” to do the factory reset”.
  5. Then go back to the TWRP main screen.
  6. Tap “Install” and find the Magisk file which you moved into internal memory earlier.
  7. Tap “Swipe to Confirm Flash” to start the installation process.
  8. Click on “Wipe Cache” once the Magisk file is installed.
  9. Then “swipe to wipe” on the screen bottom.
  10. Restart your device.
  11. Your device has been successfully rooted.

We hope you now know how to install TWRP and root Realme U1 smartphone. In case you encounter any issues leave us a comment in the box below. We might have suggestions to help you out. Are you happy with this guide so far? Then do not hesitate to share with others you think will find it helpful. Stay tuned for more guides. 

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