Samsung J Series has been the popular budget offerings from the Korean giant before the M Series came into play. Perhaps the Galaxy J6 was the last device launched under J Series branding. Launched in 2018 with Android 8.0 Oreo on-board, the Galaxy J6 didn’t pack any of the wow factors that its competitors had offered back then. Nonetheless, the Samsung branding, Super AMOLED, and marketing indeed helped the device to perform satisfactorily in the regions such as India.
Root Galaxy J6

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Now, almost after two years of its existence, the Galaxy J6 embraced the Android 10 update recently. Since Samsung devices are destined to receive at most two major updates no matter budget or flagship, the Android 10 marks the last and final major update for the device. Also, within a few months or a year by the latest, Samsung could completely halt the support altogether.

Flash TWRP on Galaxy J6

So, it’s now the time when the J6 users will think of switching to custom ROMs or GSI’s to keep their device new, unofficially at least. When it comes to custom development, TWRP like custom recoveries is inevitable. Here, we’ll take you to the TWRP flashing guide and how to root your Galaxy J6.

Ever since Samsung introduced RMM lock/KG State, an extra security layer over the Knox protection, flashing custom binaries is literally a nightmare on Samsung devices. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean we can never flash custom binaries but takes additional steps in bypassing the RMM lock. In order to flash TWRP on your Galaxy J6, follow the given steps carefully.


So, here goes!

  1. Make sure your phone isn’t RMM Locked and download all the necessary files given above
  2. Save the no-verity-opt-encrypt and RMM Bypass v3 zip files in an external SD Card directory of your device safely.
  3. Go to Settings App, Developer Options and enable OEM Unlock (If you don’t see Developer Settings, go into About phone > Software info and tap “Build number” 7-10 times to trigger enable Developer Options menu).
  4. Shutdown the phone. Once it’s off, Power it On in Download Mode (Plug your USB Cable in your phone while pressing Vol+ and Vol- buttons simultaneously)
  5. Connect your phone in your PC, open Odin3, go in Options section and untick “Auto-reboot”. Once that click the “AP” button and select the TWRP tar you downloaded before, then press the “Start” button.
  6. Once Odin3 finished flashing the recovery (you should see a “PASS” message), force reboot your phone (Press and hold Power and Vol- buttons together) and once the screen is off, press and hold Power and Vol+ buttons simultaneously to boot in TWRP.
  7. As soon as the TWRP boots you need to decrypt your /data partition. To do so tap Wipe > Format Data and follow the instructions in screen.
  8. Once it finished go back at the TWRP home screen and tap Reboot > Recovery. TWRP should be able to mount your data partition.
  9. Now copy the no-verity-opt-encrypt and RMM Bypass zip you downloaded before and flash them (tap Install Menu and select each zip to flash it)
  10. Now your device should be able to reboot to your OS without re-encrypting /data partition and without RMM Prenormal lock.

Once the TWRP has been successfully flashed. You can flash custom ROMs, GSI’s or root your device with Magisk. We’ll provide you with the steps to do the latter.

Root Samsung Galaxy J6 using Magisk

  1. Download the latest Magisk zip and no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0 and save the zips safely in an external SD card directory of your magisk zip and manager
  2. Boot into TWRP and swipe “Allow modifications”
  3. Go into Wipe menu and select “Format data” N.B: This will erase all your data including internal storage.
  4. Reboot recovery, swipe to “Allow modification” and flash
  5. Flash no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0 zip downloaded earlier to disable data partition encryption.
  6. Flash Magisk zip.
  7. Reboot the phone into System
  8. After booting up in Settings wizard make sure to uncheck diagnostic data.

That’s it, now you have a Galaxy J6 with TWRP installed and rooted. Hope all the process have been butter smooth on your device. If in case not, do let us know where you faced the hiccups down in the comment section.

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