Intel had a roadblock or hiccup when making a transition from 14nm to 10nm CPU. Its whole 10nm chip series had a delayed launch in 2019 which made obvious that Intel faced certain bottlenecks when making a generation jump. Now it seems, Intel has scrapped at least one first-gen CPU made of 10nm node cause it failed to meet the performance expectations.

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According to @_rogame founder, a first-gen 10nm CPU based on Cannon Lake architecture dubbed as m3-8114Y has never seen the light of the day. Interestingly, the CPU can be closely related to the quietly announced i3-8121U processor back in 2018 – the first commercially available Intel 10nm processor based on Cannon Lake architecture. Needless to say, the i3-8121U has been a rump on Intel’s 10nm portfolio such that even Intel wants to believe it never existed.

The m3-8114Y consist of 2 cores and 4 threads, clocked at 1.5GHz, equipped with a 10th Gen Integrated Core Graphics. Note that the commercially available i3-8121U didn’t feature an Integrated Graphics, so at least in this regards the m3-8114Y seems to be better.

This new exposure is yet another corroboration why it wasn’t smooth for Intel to announce the 10nm lineups back in 2018/2019. Nonetheless, that was all a past as now we’ve got some other finished products by Intel such as the 10nm Ice Lake-U processor and other models with much consistent performance and power efficiency.

It’s quite common for Intel and other chip manufactures to scrap an initial product as the end-product may end up not to the mark. After all, advanced semi-conductor industry is not something which should be taken lightly and involves a lot of technical hurdles and bottlenecks.

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