Intel Unveils Compute Card, a Credit Card-Sized Compute PlatformIntel Unveils Compute Card, a Credit Card-Sized Compute Platform

Intel revealed its Compute Card which is the slimmest and smallest computer at the CES 2017. It appears similar to a dense credit card. It is packed with 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake CPU and other PC equipment.

To assemble the PC upgrades trouble-free this company has joined hands with many other companies. This device can be easily placed in electrical devices, all-in-one PCs, drones, robots, etc. it will be introduced in mid of 2017.

The technologies never discontinue producing their devices and previously, Intel has launched its chips Kaby Lake which was compatible with desktop PC and now they have come with their Compute Card. It is motivated by the Compute Stick. This card can convey multiple skills to any incoherent device. It has a smooth and simple model. It is very elegant in terms of functioning.

The Compute Card measures 94.5mm x 55mm x 5mm and also has 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPU, GPU, motherboard, storage, RAM, and Wi-Fi. It will also include the latest interface which will help the device to get effortless upgrading. You can also remove the old cards and place a new card. This card can enlarge the ability of any products like smart TVs, refrigerators, all-in-one PCs, kiosks, etc. For the upgrades, Intel companies have joined with giant companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sharp, etc.

The Compute Card contains various USB-C ports which are named USB-C plus extension. This will help to link different devices from the card. You can link a monitor from it and you can experience an influential computer. According to Intel, the Compute Card will support Windows, Linux, or any other operating system you want to.

Intel’s Compute Card has done a partnership with Foxconn. Intel has not revealed the price and the specifications yet but they will declare it soon in the month of June.

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