LetsGoDigital published a set of renders of the “iPhone Flip” folding screen smartphone, showing in detail the industrial design of this iPhone with the vertical folding scheme.

iPhone Flip

According to the renders, the iPhone Flip uses a design that is very similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. After unfolding, the iPhone Flip is closer to a conventional smartphone, basically continuing the design style of the iPhone 12 series. Apple also designed a unique hidden hinge. The hinge can be almost perfectly hidden inside the fuselage, which not only makes the appearance of the whole machine more coordinated, but also enhances durability.

iPhone Flip

In addition, the phone also comes with a small secondary screen that corresponds to the three-camera module on the back. It can be used for reading notification, etc. This is to avoid frequent folding of the screen and therefore to enhance the life of the screen to a certain extent.

Prior to this, a month ago, we learned that Apple hadn’t yet decided to release the first foldable iPhone or not. Although Apple had a foldable phone on its development roadmap, it has not yet seen the supply chain preparation required for mass production.

At that time, we also learned that Apple’s foldable iPhone was undergoing internal review and had not yet entered a specific stage such as product design. Usually, Apple directly appoints material and part manufacturers after product design. But so far, there has been no significant change in the foldable panel supply chain. This simply means that everything we hear about the iPhone Flip is in the form of rumors and nothing else.

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